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    We have a dog kennel we closed in with blue and black tarps with a top, filled inside with hay, and put a heat lamp over the roost...would that work there as well? South...Madison Co
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    Either Abilene or close to it, we have a friend that is looking for places for us there until we can come down to see them, too. :)
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    Hello! I am from Tennessee, and I have a question... We are considering moving to your state soon, and would love to know what to do for chickens in such an event. I worry after hearing about your drought, and we also have a pair of dogs and horses coming with us and our seven chickens... Can...
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    Hello! I'm from Tennessee, and have a question... We are considering moving to your state soon and are clueless as to what to bring for our chickens...Can anyone suggest anything? I have a Columbian Rock, Golden Comet, RIR, and four mixed chicks. We don't have much snow here, but I know you...
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    Buying: Several Hens to add to Flock - TN

    I have two hens right now, and want to get some more since I have roosters. I have a large coop and run, and they are let out to free range when I am home on nine acres. I'm willing to drive out to get them, and pay what you feel is reasobable either per hen or as a group. They will be pets...
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    Anyone have advice? Monster-In-Law is my grandma...

    We found a nice little place yesterday that allows animals! I was so happy DH said he'd go back Friday morning to put a deposit on it, and my neighbor said she would help us if we needed a trailer for furniture or a place to put anything. :) I know nothing is final yet, but I've been relieved...
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    Anyone have advice? Monster-In-Law is my grandma...

    My husband and I are ready to pick up our daughter and leave. We're at my grandma's house because I've never moved out and the rent is free. Awesome, right? We get free roofing, free food, and immediate babysitting available. It's why I have tried to stay here this past year. But she is driving...
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    Girls in the snow

    Aww! :) I wonder what they think of it...
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    Comment by 'MamaDoodle' in article 'Dealing With Roosters Roo Behavior'

    Thank you! I am so glad to see a post about dealing with an aggressive rooster. I have 3, two getting along and one who attacks us and the dogs. The others outrun my hens to escape everything, thus, they are not the ones in the backyard with my hens. I got roosters for flock protection, yet...
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    Predator possum dispatched before breaking into brooder *graphic photo*

    You must have some serious arm strength! At least it was an instant kill and you saved your little ones.
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    Vent: Stress at a High

    Today has been, and still is, a running one. My mom was harassing my husband, had to stop that; at work, saw a body removal; at home now, my two black roosters took off into the woods. So they'll either be eaten or come back and meet my dogs because I work late (on break). I'm about to go to a...
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    Hello! Tell us a little about yourself. :)
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    Great Depression of 2016

    I hadn't thought of that, thanks! :)
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    Vent: Stress at a High

    I am actually trying the one thing at a time right now, which is actually hard to do when there's more than one thing going on at a time. I'd like to focus on dealing with that I just sold a horse I'm very fond of. I'm worried about so much that I probably shouldn't be... but instead, my husband...
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    Vent: Stress at a High

    He is active...9 years is a long time, and it doesn't seem like training will fly by, but you certainly know better than I do, so I'll keep my head up. :hugs I'm not sure when the insurance kicks in...DH says it does when he goes to training, but I would think he'd have to finish it before...
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