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    rooster got a sore throat? this could be important

    our silver seabright bantam rooster seems to have a cold. this seems harmless, but he hasn't been eating . . . this rooster is not nice, and we have a developing replacement, but we don't want this one to go 6 ft. under. what should we do???
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    Baby rooster identification?

    thank you for the help, how about some cuuuuute chicken photos?
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    Baby rooster identification?

    YEAAAAAAAH!!! the chicks we ordered in march finally shipped. . . but how we tell if we got a rooster or not? Our only experience with baby roosters was with a silver seabright roo, which has the same plumage as the hens. any ideas?
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    Americaunas or Easter Eggers

    funny, some look exactly like mine, Reese looks like Houdini, and Rachael looks like little miss do your own thing. they are EE by my vote
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    Opinons on Hen Breeds for Laying

    We have rhode islands and they are great chickens:friendly, great layers, and great eating too!
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    Strange looking Egg from my Delaware

    yaaa. . . that looks like one for the dogs. I got one with really pronounced ridges, it looked like commander Warf!
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    How long is too long ...???

    it depends on where the hens lay. outside, inside, shade, sun temperature, moisture; a few days should be fine
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    HELP! Butte County, California rooster needs home!

    oh yea, one more thing:If you are ok with it, and my dad is ok with it, I may have to give you a mille fleur hen, as they have become quite attached to each other.
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    HELP! Butte County, California rooster needs home!

    maybejoey: maybe you can visit and meet him?
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    HELP! Butte County, California rooster needs home!

    sooo. . . it turns out that I forgot to put contact info here. (530)-879-0317 house phone my email 3637 Bridle lane Chico, California The widdle wooster!!!
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    HELP! Butte County, California rooster needs home!

    My family here in Chico need a home for a silver seabright rooster. I will be frank here, he is mean, tiny and has an issue with crossbite, but we have a new rooster on the way and would like to breed with him. please contact us any way you can.
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    Boys VS Girls

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    Did they eat a rotten egg?

    some chickens eat McDonald's, they will definitely be all right
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    Chicken no one is laying

    kinda funny, last summer, we had the top of our pecking order die of heatstroke, everybody stopped laying. last fall, a black sex-link (my avatar) died from a border collie attack, but because she was not high on the pecking order, no one cared but me
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