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    Mixing new birds with old ones. Diseases? Sickness?

    Heres the deal. I have an established flock of 16 birds. One Roo, the rest hens. A lady down the road is getting out of the egg business and says I can have as many of her young hens as I like. They are about 5 months old. I have read several places that one MUST keep a new batch of chickens...
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    Dominant Roo killed, other Roo....What up?

    One of my EE and our awesome Australorp were killed by a hawk the other day. We have one other Roo, a beautiful Barred Rock. He and the Aust used to square off when they were growing up but it was clear the Aust was the dominant one. Now that he is gone, will this one realize it and take over...
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    How to get rid of rats!?

    a 55 gallon barrel with a board leading up to the edge. Place a bit of corn inside. The rats WILL walk up the ramp and jump in, but they can't get out. You can either pop em with a 22 or let em go a few days till they die. It works. Also a great way to control mice, but you only need a 5 gal...
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    What type predator?

    If a cook can reach in and grab one it will. If there is an opening large enough, a weasel would surely do what you describe. Coons for the most part will open up the crop and eat that, but they will eat the heads as well. Owls will also eat the heads, but since you say there were in cages...
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    Archery starts here in 2 weeks. Can't wait. Buck or doe, meat is meat. Almost all the venison we harvested last year is gone. Most I made into sausage and pastrami. Time to restock.
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    Any home brewers out there?

    Absolutely love homebrewing. Started back in the mid 90's. Primarily an all grain brewer but with so many advances in kit beers, it's hard not to pick one up now and then. They have come a long ways. Fav styles are Stouts/Porters but really I like em all.
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    Sorry, another processing question

    Just did a batch of 20 last month. If you have the space, let them sit in the fridge for a day prior to packaging. It will let the muscles relax (rigor) PLUS, getting them partially chilled will not put as much stress on your freezer.
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    My chicks are OLDER now. Mixed bag.

    There is one other roo. The barred rock in the back. Hard to make him out, but for sure a roo. He and the black one square off daily to see who is ruler of the roost. Needless to say, the black one rulz LOL I mean to say Austrolorp instead of black sex link. I had sex (link) on my mind lol...
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    My chicks are OLDER now. Mixed bag.

    Had a few different opinions of what I had. Had some concrete opinions as well. What do you see here as far as breeds go. Was told the red in front was a production red, but over the past couple days, she grew a white tip on her tail. The big roo is a black sex link? Is this a EE? My...
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    Looking for fly-tying feather

    I know there are several reliable sellers on ebay. A wide array of feathers to choose from.
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    Meat smoking, sausage making and curing.

    Quote: Nothing wrong with starting charcoal with a a squirt or two of fluid. By the time the coals are ready, the fuel would have been burnt away. I personally either set my chimney on top of my Cajun cooker to light it. It's like a jet engine LOL. Or, I sometimes use my weed torch. Using a...
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    Meat smoking, sausage making and curing.

    Quote: Any smoker that you want to run charcoal in, air flow is the key to maintaining steady even temps. And by airflow, I mean the only airflow that should go in is the air coming in thru the draft. Smokers must be sealed up tight. No leaky doors. Both the Keg and the BGE are GREAT...
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    Meat smoking, sausage making and curing.

    Quote: Ahhhh, nothing finer than some venison sausage. There is a great amount of satisfaction in harvesting your own game and turning it into something like this. Rock on!!!!!
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    Over 6ft tall tomato plants

    Indeterminate type of tomatoes. Many of the commercially grown tomatoes that you buy in the store are like this and the plants that the indoor commercial growers use grow to 30' and up. Of course that's not straight up, but overall in length. High nitrogen will boost the green and leafy aspect...
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    Meat smoking, sausage making and curing.

    Hey all. Thanks to all for the nice compliments and such. I got in a bit of trouble by the mods for posting a link to the smoking site. I was wondering about that as I know some sites frown on posting links to other sites but I didn't think a smoking meat site would be a conflict of interest to...
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