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    Janoel 24 vent

    Thanks I’ll give it one more go.
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    Janoel 24 vent

    No I haven’t calibrated recently. What do you consider ideal humidity and when to increase.
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    Janoel 24 vent

    Between 40-65 and the incubator turns eggs. They’re dying in shell around day 20-22
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    Janoel 24 vent

    What humidity has worked for you? I set another 16 eggs and 0 hatched this time I could hear pipping in shell at lockdown. The humidity was lower this time until lockdown when I increased it to 75-82% had vent half open to full depending on humidity. What have I done wrong.
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    4.5 Week Old White Leghorn - Pullet or Rooster?

    What was it a ckl or plt?
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    White Leghorn 2 weeks - gender please?

    Purebred leghorn cockerel at 2 weeks will have a thicker pinkish/red comb, visibly larger and different to barely visible combs on pullets. I only know about purebred leghorns not commercial varieties. Vent sexing after 2 weeks on leghorns should not be necessary as visually different.
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    Janoel 24 vent

    I put 16 fertile eggs in incubator. 2 hatched on day 21, 1 hatched day 22 and 2 hatched day 23,all eggs had pips and some had started unzipping. The hatched chicks moved all eggs to one corner and chicks died before getting out. Any ideas on how much water to add to keep humidity from getting...
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    Janoel 24 vent

    Hi, I’ve had my janoel 24incubator vent closed for first 15 days. There has been condensation on sides. I have added 150ml of warm water daily. The current external temp is from 8 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius. Instructions not clear on when to open vent. Can anyone help?
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    Is she pecking it? Or could it be another bird?
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    Also keep isolation pen clean at all times and use fly screen over cage to prevent fly getting in. Maggots will eat her alive it’s called flystrike in Australia
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    Wash turkey daily in epsom salt or table salt bath, many maggots will drown in bath.have someone hold her and pick maggots out of wound with tweezers pouring water on wound will bring maggots out. You need to keep her inside away from flys and she may need antibiotics to get rid of infection...
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    Pekin rooster killed hen

    My daughter has Pekin bantam rooster and 3 Pekin hens currently in moultThe rooster has been pecking hens around eyes for several days now. This morning the top hen (18mths) was dead and eye missing. Can rooster go crazy?
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    When will my white leghorn start laying?

    I have a white leghorn exhibition hen who weighs 3.4kg which is over 7 pounds, Maybe yours are bantams. It looks like commercial white not pure leghorn.
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    Is it possible to train my cattle dog to not kill?

    Chickens are easy to train, mine free range and are fed morning and afternoon. They come home like the cavalry when I call them. I’ve seen cattle dogs not bother about the chooks wandering about but also seen cattle dogs get into neighbouring properties and kill all the birds. A Maremma or low...
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    Breeding a White Leghorn rooster with..?

    White leghorn bred with other colours will NOT give you pure whites. See attached photo of offspring from White exhibition quality cock bred to exhibition black hen both leghorns.note the white pullets have a few black flecks.
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