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    Welcome to MotherJean's About Me Page The photo above shows my current backyard flock of six Light Brahma hens (#6 is hiding somewhere out of the photo) that were raised from day-old, feed store chicks. As of this writing (June 2010) they are 3 months old and very nearly full grown. These are...
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    SICK French Black Copper Marans. Please help!!

    Sorry to hear that your chicks are worse. 3-4 weeks is a little young for Marek's symptoms to be so severe. Another possibility is "brooder pneumonia" (aka Aspergillosis). Here's info on that. Do these symptoms match what you are seeing? Aspergillosis Synonyms: brooder pneumonia, mycotic...
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    Most Humane Method to Cull

    Don't know if this has ever been posted before, but at this link is a table of "acceptable agents and methods of euthanasia by species" in the Merck Veterinary Manual:,chicken Birds...
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    SICK French Black Copper Marans. Please help!!

    My guess is vitamin deficiency. Get Polyvisol infant vitamins (without iron) - available at your supermarket pharmacy, WalMart, etc. Put 2 drops directly in the beak of each chick when you get home, then put 1 dropperful of the vitamins in 1 quart of drinking water. Add the vitamins every time...
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    Swollen foot, Gimpy and loosing weight, Help?

    Not all lameness is Bumblefoot. There are diseases that will cause lameness, too. If you don't see an obvious site of entry for a foreign body in the pad(s) of the foot, it may be disease and not Bumblefoot (which is caused by injury - like a cut, thorn or sliver in the foot that becomes...
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    hen unbalanced, standing on hocks all day. help! ** more pics added**

    Assuming this is the same hen that was the topic of this thread that went out to 31 pages and over 300 posts! If you'd like more details about this bird, PamperedPullet, I'm sure you can find them there.
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    Chick walks like he is drunk

    According to this thread, your Vet has diagnosed Swollen Head Syndrome and Mycoplasma in your flock: Probably not necessary for you to play a guessing game about what's wrong with your rooster.
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    What should i do?

    So sorry for your loss.
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    hen unbalanced, standing on hocks all day. help! ** more pics added**

    Sorry, no. No cure for either Marek's or Lyphoid Leukosis. Both are contagious, by the way. If she has either, she could be a source of infection for your other birds. There are other diseases, too, that have neurological effects. Nothing short of a miracle will cure. I know you're trying to be...
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    my silky is still so skinny!

    Personally, I don't feed worms since they are intermediate hosts for a number of parasites including intestinal worms and gapeworm. There are others on this forum far more expert than I on worming. If you're lucky, dawg53 will come along and advise you. If not, you may try sending a direct...
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    Coccidiosis Not Clearing Up - Help!

    Here's a good explanation that may provide some insight as to why you're continuing to have problems. At one point in the article it does say that some infections with Coccidia can become chronic. The advice to switch back to...
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    What should i do?

    Presumably, you are paying good money for the advice and guidance of your Vet. Why would you ignore it? You know, animal doctors go to extremes to save lives just like human doctors do. If your Vet is recommending culling diseased birds you can be confident that it is in the best interests of...
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    Intestinal distress

    A good, clear photo of your hen's vent area would be helpful. By my calculations, she's about 4 months old. Is that right? Were you feeding her medicated feed to prevent coccidiosis? If not, what have you been feeding? Have you had any problems with diarrhea or watery droppings in any other...
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    Chicken's head slightly crushed in rock

    Wait and watch. If you notice your chicken acting injured, not eating, or drinking, then come back and post what symptoms you see.
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    Chick pipped, blowing bubbles...humidity at 68%! HELP!!!

    This is the wrong forum for quick, experienced help. Try posting over on the "Incubating & Hatching Eggs" forum. Good luck.
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