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March 18
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Chirping, Female, from Southern Maryland

Chicken training Sep 15, 2017

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    March 18
    Southern Maryland
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    A chicken adopted us, so we got her a new friend... And realised she has a scissor beak. Want to help her have the best quality of life possible.
    I'm Erin. I'm a single mother of one wonderful, seven year old little boy who shares my love for animals.

    We live with my parents, a geriatric, slightly overweight black lab, three cats and now, 2 chickens. We are totally new to chickens.

    We moved to rural southern Maryland 18 months ago and had considered raising and keeping chickens. My mother decided that she may not have the stomach for chickens and decided against the venture. However, that didn't stop us from enjoying the neighbor chickens regularly. We loved the funny flock of chickens that would come and visit and return to their home each day.

    But, some things are just meant to be. And one of the neighbor hens decided we were going to be chicken people whether we liked it or not. We cared for her, feeding, watering and locking her in a cat carrier to keep her from getting eaten. We protected her on numerous occasions from her former flock, as they chased, harassed and tried to beat up on her. And we had to (and still do) chase away "Mr. Fancy-Pants" the rooster from assaulting her on an almost regular basis.

    So, needless to say we have become quite fond of our chicken, who is not really our chicken! My parents naught her a small two chicken coop and before it arrived she began laying eggs for us, which was the most rewarding experience, besides just truly enjoying this bird's company. We never expected anything in return, we just wanted her to be safe.

    We bought a pullet last week and despite reading and researching chickens, we ended up with a durpy face generic girl with a scissor beak and potentially damaged top beak. I will post a picture of both our girls in the appropriate forum to inquire about both girls.

    So far so good. We haven't killed them yet! So we're doing OK. We don't know what kind of chickens they are, buy it isn't super important to us... Although I would like to know

    The 'off-white', brown speckled chicken is now called "Mrs. Mcnugget" and our new red girl with the white rear is called "Gingerbread"

    I sit for hours talking with these girls and I love them. I never thought having a chicken would be so fun and soothing and entertaining and rewarding. I'm so glad Mrs. Mcnugget chose us to be her people

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