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    chicken hen saddles / aprons / diapers / harnesses -great prices check them out! 2

    Got em love em! Love the questions....." um what's that on your chicken? Are you dressing them now? I know you're into chickens, but really." lol I was surprised at how well made they are. You sure have talent. Thanks again! :D
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    Anyone in NH/MA/VT have extra eggs or birds that want to live in Boston?

    I think this is a great idea! I could go on your egg list as my girls are laying like crazy. Of course I am at their mercy so that could change at anytime, but would love to help out. I have 2 broody Hens sitting on eggs, could raise them until I can sex them. Maybe some people would be...
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    Turkey wings??

    well ok.......thanks. I had no idea! I will not be telling my husband about that info. lol They are only about 4 months old and stay about 5-10 feet away from the coop. Thank you Frosty will watch out for my babies
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    turkeys spanish black

    Not sure where Elkton is but I just got a pair in my town in MA---I know he has more..... edited for spelling...whoops!
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    Turkey wings??

    LOLOLOLOL no!!! I am far from a cook!! Too funny.....any thoughts?
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    Turkey wings??

    So I am new to turkeys and I got my self a couple beauties! I cut their wings so they cant fly away to get used to their surrounding. Doing very well I must say. So about how long will it take for them to grow back and should I bother to cut them again? I just don't want them sitting on my...
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    Pumpkin Hulsey Chicks

    I got the eggs from Gabbard Farms and hatched them
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    Pumpkin Hulsey Chicks

    I have a breeding pair of pumkin hulseys....they are still young (2 months) but I may have some by the end of the summer, beginning fall. I am also close to you
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    Chickenstock fiesta yardsale August 21

    I have 2 roo'! Anyone want a silver spangled Hamburg and a Barred Rock? One or both??? Willing to meet. Born on Thanksgiving 2010 ETA: I am NPIP certified
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    WTB- Egyptian Fayoumi hatching eggs

    I was just on ebay and they have some! Not sure of the quality but you could check it out
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    Chickenstock fiesta yardsale August 21

    <-----Natalie! Shay I emailed you! I am sooooo sorry I havent been by to pick up my girls! Crazy week! I cant wait to get them, Thurs or Fri ok?
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    Needed: Broody Hen

    I have a white orpington broody hen she is about 2 years old and is stealing eggs like crazy. She is yours if you want to come get her. Not too sure how far I am from you. I am in Ashby MA.
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    So what is everyone bringing to Milford???? I have lost some birds to the extreme heat and need to beef up my flock before the winter. I am looking for older pullets................please!!! I am fine with red/black stars or any great egg layers. My customers are breaking down my doors for eggs...
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    WANTED~Golden Cuckoo Marans eggs

    I know nivtup has them. If you email him I am sure he could get you some. Just search under the members and you should be able to find him. Very easy to work with
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    Flea Market & Chicken Swap May 29, 2010 9am-2pm

    Darbella I talked to Shay today and she said she was palnning to might be a good one! I got babysitter so I am good to go
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