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    Help I’m so stupid

    I put weed and feed on my grass thinking I can keep my hens off of it for a week. But now reading it wasn’t a good idea. How long should I keep my hens off.. is it going to hurt them? I’m freaking out
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    Keeping sick chicken warm.

    I’m now doing the same thing with my hen keep her warm I put a old fleece sweater and she likes it. Plus I have her inside my garage in a card board box with a heater on set to 70 degrees. I wish I would of known sooner to make sure there warm I think it has a lot to do with why she doesn’t feel...
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    My little hen was injured

    Thank you guys I went and got pedialyte And did oak meal and with eggs and she ate pretty well tonight.. I put a warm rag over her eye and she seemed to like it.. I think she could of been a little cold the last two night. But I have her inside tonight .. she one of my tuffest hens so if any...
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    My little hen was injured

    I just can’t put her down yet. her eye looks fine if she would just open it.there is no puss no nothing.
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    My little hen was injured

    My hen was injured with a dog she did loose one eye. But the other eye is swollen shut. I did take her to the vet they put her on a antibiotic and a antibiotic eye cream it’s been swollen shut for two weeks she barely eats but drinks a lot .. does any one have any ideas ?
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