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    Bloody vent. Help!

    Is this so out there that nobody has ANY ideas? I've looked up lots of chicken disease guides, and I found nothing!
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    Bloody vent. Help!

    I have a 5 year old buff Orpington whose vent is very bloody. Not bloody poop, but oozing straight blood and goopy blood clots. No external injuries, and vent does not seem swollen or inflamed. Very much like when a person has a heavy period. (Apologies to gentleman readers.). She is eating...
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    Not Sure If You've Got A Pullet Or Cockerel? Click Here! Thread 2

    This is the singleton blue ameraucauna chick hatched by our bantam frizzle. He/she is 8-9 weeks old. Does Charlie stand for Charles or Charlotte?
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    Breed gender verify pls

    I dunno...a barred rock would have yellow legs, and this ones legs are pink as a piglet!
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    Ameraucana thread for posting pictures and discussing our birds

    So, 4 weeks ago my broody hatched a little blue ameraucauna chick. How old should it be before I post pics to find out if little Charlie is Charles or Charlotte?
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    help with 15 week olds

    I say Plinky's a girl. The barred rock looks darker than a cockerel would...girls usually have more black than the boys, so I'll go out on a limb and say girl for that one, too.
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    Placing hatchery chicks under Broody Hens?

    I'm FAR from being an expert, but here is my very limited experience: I put 3 fertile eggs under my broody, and only one hatched. We went to the feed store and bought a second chick. I didn't want to set up a heat lamp just until dark when I wanted to put the chick in the nest, so the family...
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    Light Brahma Gender help?

    I'm thinking pulled from the head, but she has stoutish legs. Hope someone else chimes in... I'm curious!
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    Mixing bantams and large fowl

    So, I am starting my little girl in 4-H, and it is best for kids to start with banties, as the kids can handle them more easily. She has decided that the Belgian d'uccles will be her breed, and we will be getting a couple soon. I will do a thorough quarantine follows by a look-don't-touch...
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    Chick Names Help

    I went with the old lady names...for the most part. We have Amelia, Dot, Penny, Lucy, Rosie, Lily, Dolly, Daisy, and Stella...but Stella, a speckled Sussex, has been officially renamed Sparkle.
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    I don't have a rooster, so I know nothing on that score. Orpingtons make good mommies, and they are a pretty chunky bird.
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    My brahma is a dear. Big and mellow. My favorite chicken, however, is my barred rock. She follows us around the yard like a puppy, is a voracious bug eater, and is a faithful layer of nice, large eggs. Our buff Orpington is a great layer, too, and is quiet and curious. I steered away from...
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    If you go to the top of the page and type "coop in the great northwet" it should take you to my coop. Be careful to type northwet, not northwest... Particularly appropriate right now! Let me know what you think.
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