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    Comment by 'Nutcup' in article 'Table Scraps and Leftovers for Chickens'

    I have a very affectionate hen. She talks to me, and I love her as much as any other pet.
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    Comment by 'Nutcup' in article 'Bee's key points to successful and safe free ranging.'

    I have a 6 year old alpha Cochin hen that's growing spurs. She protects the other 2 hens as they have almost complete freedom in my backyard. She is the noisiest hen I've ever had, sometimes she drives me nuts. I also have plenty of trees, and the vegetable garden is fenced off to keep those...
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    Why is my chicken behaving like this

    I have a 5 year old Cochin hen that screams almost like a peahen. She bellers in the morning and evening like a rooster. She drives me nuts, I can't go out into the yard without her noise. If I'm out with them, she's normal, unless I'm in the vegetable garden, then she's constantly calling to...
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    What's the one thing you wish you had included in your coop?

    My hens don't like pine shavings, they will lay on the floor in the straw to avoid the shavings in the nest boxes.
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    Safety of buried eggs?

    I was given one by a Chinese friend, they're expensive and considered a luxury. Not as weird to eat as they look, but I have no desire to eat another.
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    Safety of buried eggs?

    So, what did you eat that made you sick? Eggs? I don't think I've ever gotten sick from eggs, store-bought or otherwise. I often eat eggs from my older hens with cracked shells, so I'm not too careful. I also sometimes eat them raw, but not the ones with cracked shells.) I've read some people...
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    Comment by 'Nutcup' in item 'Cochin'

    One of the Cochin hens was very sweet with us, but mean to the others except Big Nellie. She had Pecker down and was ripping her head open. I can't have that, so Scoobie-do got cooked. Mink is the last Cochin, and she rules with an iron fist. I won't get Cochins again, I prefer the Wyandotts.
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    Toddlers are Quackers

    Full Moon tonight - and lunar eclipse; these things affect some children and grown-ups
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    Toddlers are Quackers

    When I was young they grew tomatoes real close to our home. They were NOT staked; they grew all over the ground. You don't have to stake them, that's just for convenience. We all keep learning. What still makes me ill is how animals are mass slaughtered. I couldn't do that job.
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