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    Show Off Your Butts!

    Chicklets have the cutest fluffy butts
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    LOL my Scotch/ Irish grandma lived on a ranch in West Texas. We would visit for the summer sometimes. She had one angry old turkey that made its home in an old jeep that didn't run. If we got too close, that turkey would chase us all over. Scared the bejeebers out of me - I'm still scared of...
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    One of my grandma's was Italian. There was a huge fig tree behind her house and we used to climb up in it and eat the figs. I went back a couple of years ago, but the tree was gone. I planted a dwarf fig in her memory and every time I go out and get the figs, I think of her and making...
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    Anyone use these pens for baby chicks?

    This sounds like what I do, except I don't use the featherduster- might try that, though. I usually have about 6 chicks at a time and use a cardboard Dress box from Uline. put it on a tarp to protect my rug. I cover it with netting. Works perfectly. I use the Mama Cave and they generally love...
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    Awww, too cute. I especially like Barbara Ann's expression.
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    Thanks. Unfortunately, they had to go- city ordinance, although I do hear crowing from somewhere in the neighborhood every morning.
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    Two feral roosters that flew into my yard last year. Pretty, but we can't have roosters I the city. Any idea what breed?
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    They just stopped laying

    Maybe they are short lived chickens- what breed? AS for the grower feed, I had the same issue with hens eating the pullet feed. I started my flock on All Flock and added oyster shell as free choice for the hens. Now that everyone is on the same page, I switched to layer feed for all. As of...
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    Black specs (not red blood spots) on yolk

    Wow, live and learn. I have never seen that before. Let us know if you get another one.
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    21 days and hatching

    OOOHHHH, now I am having chick envy. It has been awhile since I incubated eggs. May need to do that sometime this year. Please post chick pics so I can live vicariously through you.
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    Comment by 'oldhen2345' in article 'Our Balcony Chicken Coop'

    Absolutely awesome. I think I do need a redesign on the baby barn- where I keep the chicks after the brooder, before they are big enough to go in the coop. Hmmmm.
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    Yes we are proud. We are also the Black Eye Pea capitol of the world -and we know how eating those got started. It was cow feed. During the civil war, Sherman's troops burned the fields, but left the black eye peas fields because they didn't think they were worth anything. It was lucky they...
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    My Dog has heartworm

    Many years ago this happened to my poor dog Booger (a border collie, black lab mix). He was 6 months old when we got him from a friend whose dog had puppies. He had heartworms. We boarded him at the vet while the treatment went on- about a week. When he got home, he was very weak and would not...
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    No roosters in the city limits and you can have up to 10 hens. However, I do hear a rooster every morning and there is a feral flock that migrates around the neighborhood. I got so tickled one morning on Hwy 19. The traffic had come to a complete stop while the chickens crossed the road. I am...
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    Margaret getting a drink My flock this year: Margaret my special needs Black Copper Marans, Opal the Splash Marans, Missy the grand dame of the yard, a Mottled Orpington, Freida a light Brown Leghorn and Aunt Boo my Speckled Sussex with a cowlick. Opal and Margaret enjoying my chair. I had to...
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