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    Finally Got my Roo To Stop Crowing!

    I don't post much and don't have much of a chance to read the forums. I do hope you will reconsider you decision to not post more about your roo and the collar. When I read your post I loved your humor and laughed out loud at the hens helping him remove his collar! I could tell how much you...
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    No Crow Rooster Collars?

    Thanks so much for the thoughtful reply. Your analogies were very helpful for me to understand the process. I would love to have a rooster but could not even think of it without the collar. I am trying to figure it all out now.
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    Introducing a mature rooster into a small flock

    I have 5 hens who are about 18 mths old. I recently lost my silver laced wyandotte to a predator. The person i get my chicken feed from has a large Maran rooster that is available for adoption. I would like to integrate him into my small flock for protection and to make a more natural flock...
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    Somebody please help!

    My 10-month-old Easter Egger went through a molt when her sisters at the same age did not. Since I am new to keeping chickens I was concerned. She came through fine and is finally looking like her old self again. When her feathers were coming back in, the other chickens pecked at them and caused...
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    Bloody pin feathers

    I found my EE who is molting at only 8 months with bloody tail pin feathers this morning. She is like 2nd in the pecking order so is not usually picked on. I watched from afar and saw that even the chicken on the bottom of the pecking order was pecking at her tail feathers. I am new to this so...
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    Soft shelled eggs?

    How do you do the food coloring thing? Do you just put a drop around their vent. If it is dried will it still color the egg? I have 6 pullets. I believe they are all laying now but today I found a soft shelled egg and one next to it that had been broken. I am assuming these were from the...
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    Thinki my hen is dying of coccidiosis

    So sorry for your loss. That must have been traumatic! You did everything you could. It sounds like she was miserable and at least now she is out of pain. You are very brave.
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    My Flock Journey

    We do have some but I am going to add a few pallets leaned on the fences. I saw that someone and thought it would work well and could be done quickly and free! Unfortunately, I broke my ankle on Saturday trying to get the last chick into the run because I had seen a hawk in the sky. Poor things...
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    My Flock Journey

    I almost lost chickens twice a week ago to a hawk... It was horrifying. I am still letting them FR but have hung silver pie plates all over my backyard and will be adding some pallets along the fence line for addition hiding places for them. They are just happier when they are out and their...
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    Thinki my hen is dying of coccidiosis

    So sorry you are having this trouble. I am too new to chickens to give you advise but I wish you and your chicken well.
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    New Chicken Obsessed Chicken Keeper

    I just moved from NY to VA
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