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    Wow! Sunny, great to see you still here! Do you still have chickens? I see that this was last year, but am hoping that somehow this post gets to you. ~Orpington Manor (aka Steffanie)
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    Comment by 'OrpingtonManor' in article 'Orpingtonmanors Chicken Coop'

    Sadly, the coop is now empty. But it housed about thirty chickens in the last eleven years. My last three chickens were long-time residents, two of them seven years old, and one eight years old. The seven-year-olds were still laying at the time of their death by predator. Amazing birds! May they...
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    The Kitchen Table - come sit with us! new request added to post 1!

    Wow! Is this thread actually still alive? It's been five years since my last post here. As I said to Kandra, life takes us away. I had three hens left, all quite old, but two still laying. Life in the coop had been very peaceful for years. As with all things, change is inevitable. In April...
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    The Worst Predator

    I haven't been on BYC in years because life in the coop had been soooo copacetic for years. Sadly, in April, my last three remaining hens were killed by raccoons. But, foxes have been a constant problem here, too. Skunks and opossums are also here, but I've never had them attack my chickens. I'm...
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    The Kitchen Table - come sit with us! new request added to post 1!

    Kandra, me too! Ooh, it's so weird to be here and see our BYC screen names. I've gotten used to seeing you over on FB. So many of us migrated there. But, there were quite a few that I lost track of here at BYC. That is what I don't like about the internet. We make friends with people we...
  6. OrpingtonManor about.....CANCER SUPPORT THREAD !!

    Hi Luna, So sorry to hear about your DH's throat. It's good that he has you. You have faced your own cancer, and know that it can be beat. Don't forget to breathe. It helps that feeling in the solar plexus. My best to you!
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    freezing eggs???

    So, did anyone try the long-term freezing of whole eggs in ziploc baggies? I had about 10 dozen eggs in my fridge, and needed to do something with them. I decided to try the whole eggs in baggies system. I don't plan to eat them until the summer molt, so I will report back about quality.
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    The Kitchen Table - come sit with us! new request added to post 1!

    Hi Boooooooo, I don't get notices from BYC anymore. I don't understand it. I didn't know you had posted. I also have a serious case of CRS. I didn't remember much of what we talked about last year. Sheesh! I'd better figure out how to remember things, because grad school is gonna...
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    Opa's place -Where an old rooster visits with friends

    I saw the posts about Granny's experience with the tainted injections. How awful! Glad she is okay! As for me and mine, my sister had brain surgery last month for an aneurysm, but she is doing amazing!! And, I just got accepted to grad school. So, I guess I'm proof that you're never too old...
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    Opa's place -Where an old rooster visits with friends

    Hi Opa! How are things going these days? I read a few pages back, but have missed a whole lot!!! Hope everything is well.
  11. OrpingtonManor about.....CANCER SUPPORT THREAD !!

    I haven't been here for a long, long time. I'm glad to see that you are all still fighting the good fight. My best thoughts are coming your way, and especially to those who are just new to the fight. In my world, there isn't much cancer. But, other things have been happening. My sister had...
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    The Kitchen Table - come sit with us! new request added to post 1!

    WOW!! I can't believe this thread is still here. I thought it would have gotten tossed in the recycle bin by now. So, and Cool! Is anybody still out there? My life has been busy in ways I never thought would happen. In the last year, I barely changed my chicken count. I lost one, my...
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    Free 12-wk-old Black Ameraucana cockerel

    I'm pretty sure this little dude is a roo. He is 12 weeks old. He was the lone hatchling under a broody hen on Pi Day back in March. Hence we called him Blackberry Pi, but recently Chicken Pot Pi, as he is showing signs of being male, despite being a docile and lovely chick. His parentage is...
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    Bay Area BYCers!

    I work in Berkeley, and know some people with chickens in Berkeley, but I don't live in Berkeley. The automatic waterer and automatic pop door have made life liveable. Before that, I stressed over being home every night. Now, I have left for as long as 5 days with someone just peeking out to...
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    Kim, it's good to know some things never change!
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