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    My cat just 2 weeks ago killed my biggest Barred Plymouth Rock hen. It all depends on the cat I suppose but mine is just your typical 10lb tabby. The hen he killed was probably around the same weight and was the biggest i had. He waited till about 2am when the hens were asleep and he grabbed her...
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    My cat Kills everything

    The title pretty much sums it up. He just kills stuff for the fun of it and last night he finally must have figured out how to get past the fence to the chickens. I can't belive this maniac killed the Plymouth Rock as big as it was but he's killed rabbits bigger then him before. OF COURSE it was...
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    Medina Ohio!

    New here to the boards, I joined as I'm trying to find a way to keep my cat away from my micro flock. He just killed the first one last night and of course it happend to be my most tamed and favorite plymouth rock Anyone have ideas? I'm wondering if a guard turkey would keep him out.
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