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    Are hatched Roos more aggressive?

    The $15 each is for them processed, shrink wrapped and frozen. She loves them ready to cook, and I don't mind processing. Besides she likes the chicken without skin and it is impossible to get them from the store without skin. She doesn't like to de-skin the store bought birds. The question is...
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    Are hatched Roos more aggressive?

    September of last year one of my hens hatched 4 eggs. Two Roos and two hens. Flock currently consists of 21 hens and 4 Roos...yes too many Roos.... the two hatched Roos are terrorizing everyone. They attack the established Roos and pull feathers from the hens. Attached are picks of the hen who...
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    Broody hen day 21

    Tomorrow evening my broody hen will have been sitting on eggs for 21 days. She has her own food and water right next to the nesting box. Is there anything I need to be doing for her and the chicks? Should I take the eggs from her at day 23 if the chicks are not piping? I am totally at a...
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    Most pathetic crow

    One of my "Pullets" from Hoover Hatchery started crowing the other day. We have known that she was a he for some time. We were watching TV and heard the most pathetic croak of a chicken sound we have ever heard. At first I thought someone was attacked by a predator. Upon investigation I found...
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    Buff Orpington hen or Roo

    I thought this one might be a he. I am actually glad I have a BO rooster
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    Buff Orpington hen or Roo

    I ordered hens from Hoover Hatchery. I am not sure if this one is a pullet. 14 weeks old. Can anyone verify?
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    Do hens use the Egg Song as a warning call too?

    I have seen the ladies use if if they are 'lost' or if they see something new. So far they have not used it to tell me they laid an egg.
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    Do hens use the Egg Song as a warning call too?

    Mine are soooo close to their first eggs that every time I hear the egg song I run outside to expect a nice warm egg...
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    Do hens use the Egg Song as a warning call too?

    Today while spending the morning with the flock an ultralight flew over the farm. At first I didn't notice the aircraft but one of my hens saw it and started her egg-laying song. The roo heard her and repeated the song for everyone else. Attached is a video of the encounter. You can hear the...
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    Review by 'Pinger05' in article 'A Raspberry PI controlled DIY Coop Door (with Python code!)'

    Egg cellent article! Thank you for taking the time to document.
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    I need help!

    I didn't see any one mention giving her a little extra warmth in the kennel you have her in. She looks feathered out so probably just a heating pad on low for her to rest on if you don't already have her under a brooder light. Please don't run out and get a heating pad just based on my...
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    Roosting issues

    They will get it on their own. My Buff Ophingtons figured it out on their own. They are 7 weeks old. The only time I will move them is if it's bitter cold or someone is in danger of being pooped on.
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    Thank You

    Just want to say Thank You to everyone on the board. Thanks to ya'll I found the know how to build my own brooder, set up a brooder, purchase chicks, and build a coop from scratch. Here is my flock at 5 weeks. I have no idea of genders since they were straight run Buff Orphingtons.
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    New to Chickens in PA

    Live in south central PA, near Altoona. Looking to get 10 hens and 2 roosters. Thinking either Buff Orphington or Barred Rock. This is my first time with chickens so I decided to go with easy breeds. My coop is under construction at the moment. It will be 120 square feet with a large covered...
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