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    Rooster picks on only one hen

    No she stopped laying. So I found a lovely new home for Lafawnduh the roo that was picking on Mildred. Funny thing is though when I put Mildred back in the coop I had the kennel in there without the door on, Mildred likes the kennel . . .I suppose after being a house chicken for 5 weeks she has...
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    Rooster picks on only one hen

    I have the same problem and have resorting to having the rooster or the sad hen in the dog kennel in the coop, I am advertising to get rid of this rooster (the hen was here first) and the other rooster is fine. Did you come to a resolve??? I am so desperate I don't know what to do, the rooster...
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    Comment by 'PrincessTamTam' in article 'Chicken Coop Ventilation - Go Out There And Cut More Holes In Your Coop!'

    Ventilation is important however when the article mentions that the temp might dip a bit low on a night now or then. . .we have -45 temps (yes it is the same in C and F when you get that low) for days on end, weeks on end so it is unrealistic to keep the windows open. I clean poop every morning...
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    First Winter? What temp do you wait until "turning the lamp on"?

    We get as low as -45C here which pretty much is the same in Fahrenheit. I do have a red light in my well ventilated well insulated coop and the coldest it got in the coop last year was -8C which is 17F. I think I might back off a bit this year (we learn as we go along right?). Tonight it is only...
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    The 2nd Rate the avatar of the person above you!

    10, I am a cat lover <3
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    Water heater

    We built two water heaters out of old cookie tins. Drill a hole in the side, run the wire through, attache the hardware and screw in the lightbulb. The tin itself rests in a wooden box and the waterer sits onto of the tin lid. It works great and we made two for each of our 7 gallon waterers.
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    Manitoba Members

    Hello Fellow Manitobans! I was given a clutch of fertilized eggs last spring for my broody Rhode Island Red and she hatched them and all was great until I have now discovered I have 4 roosters . . . I didn't want any roo's! I will keep two but I can't keep four. I have an add on Kijiji right...
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    when to separate broody hen and her chicks

    I have 10 browns with such great personalities, took another brown (she is called Henny Penny . . nuff said) and a Rhode Island from a neighbour last year. This spring I bought 5 Columbian Plymouth Rocks and my Rhode Island went broody. So I got her some fertilized eggs and she hatched 6 chicks...
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    100 Pictures of Our Flocks: A Community Picture Project

    Quote: Oooooo I am getting five of these to add to my flock in May. They are called Plymouth Rocks here (Manitoba) They are so beautiful
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    100 Pictures of Our Flocks: A Community Picture Project

    I should have said #24 for the picture up above
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    100 Pictures of Our Flocks: A Community Picture Project

    Yes that would be a house chicken casually walking around my living room. Just don't tell the neighbours, they think I am crazy enough already.
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    secure hutch as well?

    I have a 12x10 coop, well insulted and 4 triple pane windows for our friged -45C winters. The run is 12x12x14 and the fencing is 1 inch welded square 16 gauge wire on all sides and ceiling. Their little chicken hutch was cut out today so I moved the lock from the coop door to the run door. The...
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