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    Very swollen toe, lumpy foot, and infection in 7 mo old Pekin - probably NOT bumblefoot

    Good morning, any update on the blood work? How is your duck doing?
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    Severe Deep Bumblefoot please help!

    It’s definitely not gout, I’ve gotten several kernels of infection out in surgery 6 weeks ago. It’s bumblefoot - these are pics from last several months. It’s no longer nearly as swollen since I removed those kernels. she has more kernels now but they are firmly stuck in there & that is where...
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    Severe Deep Bumblefoot please help!

    I don’t know if soaking & squeezing will loosen it up - it’s really attached in there, possibly to her bone 😖
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    Mild Bumblefoot- How To Treat?

    Yes correct you want to soak in Epsom salt & remove the plugs. Watch them closely until healed.
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    Early bumble foot

    Soak in Epsom salt few times, get PRID drawing salve and apply to foot, keep a close watch on it.
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    Trouble laying

    You can put her in a warm Epsom salt bath, use coconut oil to lube her vent. VERY GENTLY try to work out any egg shell that’s stuck. let us know how she’s doing. You can give her crushed up tums for a calcium boost
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    Please Help tiny Serama hen egg still stuck

    Have you given her crushed tums? It’s a calcium boost. Keep lubing vent, can use coconut oil. Being egg bound too long can kill her. Keep trying to work the egg out gently. Keep us posted
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    Severe Deep Bumblefoot please help!

    my quail has a very deep, severe bumblefoot infection I have been treating for several months. two rounds of very strong antibiotics, twice daily Epsom salt soaks, PRID drawing salve for months did nothing. finally did surgery 6 weeks ago, popped out several kernels and much improved. Can...
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    Is the best thing to put her to sleep?

    I am new to poultry and I’ve never dealt with bumble foot before but I have found it to be very nasty and hard to treat. After doing multiple Epsom salt soaks for weeks, PRID drawing salve, Vetericyn etc I took my quail to the vet. He insisted he could treat her non-surgically, just by using...
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    Bumblefoot vs Neomycin: a Backyard Study

    I would like to share my experience with you. I am new to poultry this year, have had my quail for about eight months now and have gone through a very long treatment for bumble foot. my girl had a bad infection but continued to get worse, I had her on antibiotics for over two months - the vet I...
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    Is the best thing to put her to sleep?

    Hi just wanted to ask how your quail is doing? I have a quail with bumblefoot also and could share my experience if you are interested?
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    Quail with very swollen foot!

    Just wanted to give an update - I sent pictures to a vet who consulted a poultry specialist and they confirmed they both thought it was bumble. After months, both spots in her foot came to a head and you can see the little round abscesses. After seeing that, I knew I needed to cut her open -...
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    Bumblefoot vs Neomycin: a Backyard Study

    Any update on yours?
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    Bumble Foot surgery - Post Op (Antibiotics?)

    My quail has had 2 rounds of Baytril antiobiotic, Metacam and now trying Amoxicillian because her infection it STILL there, ugh!
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    Quail very swollen foot!

    Thank you, I’ve actually soaked her twice a day for several months. It has not helped and I’ve also applied PRID drawing salve & Vetricyn. she has now had two rounds of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory and unfortunately still infected. it’s a very very severe case unfortunately.
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