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    Pheasants and quail in the same flight pen?

    I have put northern bobwhites in a large flight pen with ringneck pheasants with no problems. Not sure about the Tennessee bobs - always heard they were very aggressive. I had some chukars in a breeding pen with adult pheasants this spring and had to separate them because the chukars started...
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    Is this molting time?

    I live in Illinois and both my males molted their tails this last week.
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    Hello Pheasant Gurus and Lovers! I need your Expert Eye Re RGolden Chick!

    Looks like a yellow golden chick to me. The Ghigi (aka yellow golden) is a mutation of the red golden so I suppose it is possible to get a yellow from red parents. G
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    Broody chicken, Pheasant eggs

    My ringnecks hatch at 23 days. Lady amhearsts & goldens also 23 days. If I remember correctly from when I had them, silvers took a little longer.
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    Silver Pheasant treats

    You might ask if they can get gamebird (or turkey) feed for you. Some stores can get it but just don't stock it because they don't sell much of it. If not, I would probably check around other places. While adding nuts, etc. helps, I just like knowing my birds are getting a complete feed...
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    Silver Pheasant treats

    Is the "general layer" for gamebirds or chickens? Gamebirds require a higher protein feed than chickens.
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    What age can I start telling the males from females, Ring Neck Pheasants.

    The males will usually start showing some splotches of color on the breast at about 6-7 weeks.
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    Red golden pheasant chicks

    I have a pair that will sometimes produce a cinnamon chick which is lighter.
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    Keep a close eye on them. When I tried pheasant eggs under a silkie they hatched great but wouldn't stay with her to stay warm. I ended up having to take them and put them in a brooder.
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    Please post pix of your pheasants. :]

    I feed my chicks Purina gamebird starter. It is medicated with BMD and my birds have always done fine on it.
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    baby pheasants

    Are you feeding them a gamebird starter? It is a higher protein than regular chick starter and they need this.
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    How to get a permit for gamebirds

    Check with your state's Department of Natural Resources. Here in Illinois I can pay online with a credit card and print it out from the IDNR site.
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    QUESTIONS on incubating peahen eggs...

    I also raise silkies so always seem to have a broody hen. After a recommendation from a long-time pea raiser, last year I started my pea eggs under a broody hen the first week and then moved them to the incubator. I was having pretty good hatches before but this improved them even more.
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    Pheasant chicks dropping like flies!! Help!!

    I use pine shavings for both quail & pheasants and have never had a problem either. I actually have better luck using a plastic tote with shavings the first week before moving them into a wire floor brooder. I assume because there is no draft possible in the tote.
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    Wild Pheasant egg with turkey eggs...How will this go?

    Also incubation period for most pheasants is 23 days and I believe turkeys is 28 days.
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