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    ~*~*MOTTLED AMERAUCANA Rooster~*~*~ in WA state

    Hi sorry for the delayed response. We're in the Snohomish area...across the mountains. I'm sorry to say I don't know how the Mottled were developed -- we weren't looking to breed, just to hatch something different/unusual. Feel free to contact Eve, the owner of NorCal chickens. I had...
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    ~*~*MOTTLED AMERAUCANA Rooster~*~*~ in WA state

    "Safari" was hatched May 19, 2015. He's been hanging out with his hatch brothers but he really wants a roost full of ladies to rule. He was hatched from NorCal Chickens Rare Breed Poultry eggs - a gorgeous blue egg. Mottled Ameraucana's are a project color at this stage, not recognize as an...
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    I found out my dog has cancer...

    Dracoe19, I'm so sorry for you, your family and sweet Monchou. Sadly, cancers are one of the diseases spaying and neutering can minimize or avoid (certain forms). We lost our amazing Coonhound to intestinal cancer 1st of Feb. I know what you mean when you say you've never been in the situation...
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    these do not appear to be what they should be...serama

    They might have a little Rosecomb Bantam in them. Cute though!
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    Is two chickens enough in the cold?

    Your two adult chickens will be fine. I would actually advise against a heat lamp. You're not going to stay well below freezing for weeks on end, so they won't need the help. Heat lamps weaken a chicken's natural ability and pose an obvious fire hazard. Two chickens in a well ventilated...
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    shooting an animal guilt.

    Fire Pirate, thank you for sharing your kind heart. So often people are vicious about killing predatory animals -- seeming to enjoy it. That's certainly their prerogative. But its nice to see someone who genuinely didn't want to take this course express their reservations about taking a life...
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    Egyptian Fayoumi roster - 7 mo - Northern California - from Sandhill Preservation

    Cute to know the outcome. Happy to hear they made it to Texas. Thanks for sharing!
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    Raccoon-proof latches?

    We use slide bolts with the looped handle, not the small notched lever as illustrated above. Then we put a carabiner clip through it. Racoons are incredibly dexterous but they don't have the wherewithall to open a carabiner.
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    Fire Safety in your Chicken Coop & Barn - IMPORTANT!

    Justine -- thank you for sharing your experience and posting this to help others avoid the unimaginable pain you're going through now. Either we don't think of "what if" scenarios or we put too much trust in things because they haven't given us problems before. Just like a parent needs to...
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    Help - my chicken bites me!

    We have a nutty little Splash Sumatra hen who roosts right next to the door of the second coop. So whenever we open the latch to go in, she's right there to peck the snot out of our arms. I've found that simply blowing in her face (she sits about 3 feet up off the ground on the roost) when she...
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    Bully Chicken -- What would you do?

    Can you supervise their time out?
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    Bully Chicken -- What would you do?

    Good observations and advice. I would you ever free range your birds? We've found the best way is to let them free range for as many weeks as you're able to...3 weeks if possible (we usually have multiple coops, so free range area is neutral ground). They will start to work out their...
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    polish chicken question

    Our Polish are as alert as the others. Our cockerel had a full crest and he still spotted raptors in the air as quickly as our non-crested roosters. But we've since given him a hair cut because of the rain and to ensure his visibility is good. Our other Polish hen took to the ground as did our...
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