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    2012 Pa Farm Show How To Sign up For The Poultry Show??

    You should have come and visited me in the beef barn :)
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    Sad Day...

    that's terrible
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    My new kitty!

    Very cute!
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    any poultry auctions in central pa?

    Harry~ Are you going to Leb Valley auction?
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    Lav Orp Roos, Who's the Best Looking?

    Ok, sorry for the confusion. I was so lost.
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    Lav Orp Roos, Who's the Best Looking?

    Quote: They are called project birds and only on F1s or 2s so far for most people. PROJECT nothing near the standard of Orp! Isn't that what NYREDS said? The question was which one do you prefer? Unless I didn't read something no one said they weren't projects? He said that two was...
  7. sara about.....CANCER SUPPORT THREAD !!

    Luna~ Just wanted to know I'm still thinking about you. You can do it. I know I had a different type of cancer, but I was Stage 4C, so stage 1 sounds good to me. Chemo isn't fun, but other than totally wiping me out, I didn't have to many side effects from the treatments. (My stem cell...
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    Here are two recently completed projects of mine and
  9. sara about.....CANCER SUPPORT THREAD !!

    Luna~ I had to have a hysterectomy 3 years ago at 28 years old due to cancer. They thought it was ovarian, turned out to be non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. I'll be honest with you, the surgery was rough and the menopause not fun, but it had to be done. I'll be thinking of you, you can beat it!
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    Jody & Charlie, Pyncheon Article in Backyard Poultry Magazine!!

    Since this is such a rare breed, I have a question? What can you breed in to get the willow yellow legs that the article mentioned as the correct leg color since there are so few birds to pick from.
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    Thank you!

    Yes, thanks, everything is going great here. My son has started showing cattle, and it's very time consuming so that is what I am concentrating on!
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    Thank you!

    I just wanted to say thank you to all the nice chicken people I met during my time on this board. There are some really great people on here. I haven't been on the board because I really needed a break from it all because there was just to much stuff going on on here that I don't have time for...
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    Lavender Orpington?

    Amazing, you can take a several month break from this board, and all the childish behavior is still the same. I think this subject really needs to die already.
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    FS PA GQF Cabinet Incubator SOLD

    Decided to lower the price to see if there is any interest. thanks
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