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    Saying Goodbye

    He is very pretty! At least you were lucky enough to find him a good home!! Many roosters are not so fortunate
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    What My Grandmother Says.....

    Not my own grandparents, but once I took about 15 silkie chicks to a swap. This elderly woman came over and said she wanted some but only pullets. I said sorry, but there was no way to tell which was which. She tells me her husband can tell and goes to get him. He comes back and starts picking...
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    What is this?

    That is some sort of cormorant!
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    How do you give your chicks apples? (5 week old chicks)

    I've never given apples, but I would cut them up. Make sure there are no seeds, I think the seeds have a cyanide compound in them. I could be wrong but seems to be one of those little tidbits of information stuck in my brain somewhere, lol. Mine really love raisins!
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    50/50 girl/boy....REALLY????

    Ordered from a hatchery once, straight run. I ordered 8, got 6 pullets, 2 roos. Since hatching some at home, I actually have really good luck with getting mostly pullets. I would say about 70-80% have been pullets. Of course I probably jinxed myself now, lol.
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    Help please!

    Babies get lonely by themselves. I would see if you can mend the cracks. I saw a thread on here about people doing it with candle wax I think. If you search for it, it should come up.
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    huge growth on bantam leg

    Oh I have no idea what that might be. Hopefully someone who has dealt with something similar will come along.
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    new member

    Glad you joined us! 100 chickens, wow!! I would guess that would keep you busy
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    Looking for a permanent egg container... advice?

    Yep, you can buy them. I don't know if you like to shop online but Amazon has them. I have one but I bought it years ago and I don't remember where!
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    A bunch of questions from a first time hatch

    Hi and congrats on your hatch. I will try to answer the ones I can, at least based on my own experiences 1. I have never seen a need to, Mama keeps them warm. I have only hatched during warmer months though. What are your temps? 2. I have let Mama raise chicks all the way up (easier to have...
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    Broody silkie hen and four silkie chicks P.U. Eastern Shore, VA

    *PLEASE DON'T BID JUST LET ME KNOW IF INTERESTED* I have a small coop and need to make some room. The hen is 10 months old. She is broody at the moment and is pretty much always broody, lol. She has hatched out chicks before and is a very good broody and mother. She is pet quality only, she...
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    who thinks of this --it's disgusting--- the new soilent green ?????

    Sounds disgusting for sure. But think of the possibilities in feeding starving people from not so fortunate places if this could be perfected.
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    Help!!!!! :)

    They can hatch pretty far apart. I have only incubated once but it took 12 hours for all of them to come out. Just keep the lid shut, don't help them, they will be OK.
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    Help!!!!! :)

    No! Let him come out on his own. Don't worry if it takes awhile, being born is hard work, lol. Good luck with your hatch!
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    Gloom, Despair, and Agony On Me!

    Oh my gosh, I feel so bad for you! Although it probably doesn't look good, I wouldn't completely give up hope. I read a post on here not too long ago where someone had unstable temps, and then their cat knocked over the incubator and broke some eggs. I think she still had a few hatch after all...
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