Broody silkie hen and four silkie chicks P.U. Eastern Shore, VA

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    Feb 23, 2010
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    I have a small coop and need to make some room. The hen is 10 months old. She is broody at the moment and is pretty much always broody, lol. She has hatched out chicks before and is a very good broody and mother. She is pet quality only, she does have blue earlobes, correct skin coloring, and correct toes. Her crest is usually nicer than in the picture but I have a rooster who likes to pull hair [​IMG] I am going to be honest, she is not mean or anything but she is not very friendly either. She would be wonderful for someone who wants a pretty bird or a good broody hen but she is not a pick up and cuddle type. I am not sure on her color as she was from mixed colored parents but I would say she is a very light gray. She is pretty much white with black tipped wings and tail and a gray head. Very pretty colors.

    I also have four, 5 week old silkie chicks, unsure on sex. Three are gray and one is blue. They are not her chicks, but she has been living amiably with them. They are skittish but will take treats from my hand. They are pet quality also, all have correct toes and skin coloring.

    They can go separate or together. I would like $20.00 for both hen and chicks, or $10.00 for just the hen, $10.00 for just the chicks. I am on the Eastern Shore of VA, postal code 23306 and could probably meet you an hour either way if necessary. I will put up some more pictures if it's not raining tomorrow. You can PM me or respond here if you are interested. Thank you for looking!

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