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    Sleeping in a tree

    I had a buff Orpington hen who slept in a tree. Apparently she was a super hot chick and the boys were loving her nearly to death. She was exhausted and scared and her back feathers were all worn away from all the mating. She would fly down to the other side of the fence during the night so I...
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    How Hardcore are your Chickens?

    This little girl was Madeline. Her mama was a tiny little Dutch hen, daddy was a buff Orpington. So she was small. One spring I got 18 day old chicks and put 6 under her and two other broody girls. One of the other two abandoned her chicks after a couple days and the other kept picking hers up...
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    Which rooster to cull?

    That might be a good idea. I'm in NE Tennessee. I bet I can find a good home for him.
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    Which rooster to cull?

    I'm just raising them for eggs and meat. So no need to be particular as to breeding, except for personality, really.
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    Which rooster to cull?

    Good idea. Thanks!
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    Which rooster to cull?

    Thanks for bringing up their heritage as something to consider. Both of these boys are offspring of an Easter Egger roo who I had to butcher because he started attacking people.
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    Which rooster to cull?

    Hi all. I started my current flock in August 2019, and had the second generation hatch in May, so they are just about 6 months old now. There are 27 chickies in my flock now. I've had to get rid of all of my 1st generation roosters because they all turned mean. There are 5 boys in the 2nd...
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    If feed stores closed and you can’t free range...

    What a cool thread with great ideas! I'm getting my garden started, with lots of goodies especially for my chickens. I have 12 hens, so I'm getting 9-12 eggs a day - way too many for my 2-person household. I often cook up a dozen or two, mixing in the crushed shells, oats, raisins, food...
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    Accidentally put possibly developing eggs in fridge for eating

    I have a broody who has been sitting on fake eggs; I plan to put some purchased chicks under her. I had to go out of town for a couple of weeks unexpectedly, and the friend who was taking care of my chickens went to the coop to collect the eggs once while she was off the nest. Not thinking, he...
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    Blue orpington x buff orpington

    Hi Tiana's chickens, I just saw your recent reply so here are a couple of pictures. The first is, from left to right, Blue, my now 2-year old blue orpington rooster; one of my buff orpington hens; Snickers, one-year-old offspring of Blue and a buff orpington hen; and a one-year-old female...
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    Rooster sounds

    That makes sense. Thanks for your thoughts on this.
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    Rooster sounds

    Thanks! That makes me wonder if he is thinking I'm a threat? He's a wonderful rooster, is very gentle and sweet, has never been aggressive, and looks out for his flock well. I also have a lot of chicks this year that currently range from 5 to 14 weeks. Is it possible that he is training...
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    Rooster sounds

    My 2.5 year old buff orpington rooster Cecil has been making a sound that sounds like a cat yowling (quietly!) or a toddler whimpering, like "Raou raou raou raou raou". He just started doing it this summer. I usually hear him do it when I am in the coop in the evening as they are settling in...
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    Largest "Chicken" egg ive ever seen. Normal???

    We just got this one yesterday. We haven't opened it yet but I bet there's at least 2 yolks in there. 3 would be super cool.
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