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    The Plymouth Rock Breeders thread

    Looking for some opinions on one of my XW cockrels. He's 21 weeks. He has good size and a nice flat wide back. The tail is coming in. Not sure about the wing or the the extra points on the comb. Are those legs the typical yellow or are they off?
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    Sick Leghorn

    To add, she is right at one year old. The other 7 hens are exhibiting no signs of illness.
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    Sick Leghorn

    Hey folks I could use your help. I have a white leghorn who is my best layer who has a combination of issues. First off she has a floppy comb which is has turned mostly purple. Secondly she seems to have a crop issues as well. She has been drinking a lot of water for two or three days straight...
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    Best Laying Chicken Breed

    Leghorns have been the best producer in my mixed flock of 10. Everyone says they are flighty cut that has not been my experience. Mine is very gentle and easygoing.
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    trouble with snakes eating eggs

    I lost 5 or 6 eggs yesterday to this guy. I believe it's a rat snake. I caught him in the act. He 'was' about 4 feet long.
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    How many eggs do you average a day?

    The threads about how many eggs you got today are great but I'm more interested in how many I collect in a week or two weeks from my flock and then figuring the average daily production. What's your daily average and how many hens are in your flock?
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    how many Eggs you get today

    10/10 today. They all get into the act about one a week. Averaging 8 a day.
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    how many Eggs you get today

    Most are on the smallish side but proud that all the girls delivered today. Very cool.
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    how many Eggs you get today

    A perfect 10/10 today. We got our first egg from this group on Jan 24.
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    I'm feeling blessed. My 10 pullets are all finally laying. A BO was the last holdout and she started this week at 28 weeks of age. The first one to begin was a white Leghorn who has now been laying for a month, an egg a day without fail. For the last 10 days, I've been getting between 7 and...
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    Broody or just unfriendly?

    no. but she sits longer than the others.
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    Discoloration and sandpaper eggshell

    I'm pretty new at this, but I see the occasional calcium bump on most of my eggs. Your pic shows a little more than what I see, but not sure that you have any cause for concern. I'd only be concerned if you had a hard time cracking it!!! ha.
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    Broody or just unfriendly?

    I have an tan/yellowish EE pullet that's been laying for about 3 weeks. She does more egg songs than any of the other 9 pullets, both before and after laying. She will puff up and growl, that's the best word I can think of, if anyone approaches the coop while she's in the nest box. It's weird...
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    During a trip to Rock Springs Texas and surrounding areas, we saw many Rheas in the wild. They roam that rocky landscape all over.
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