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    Refresher on temp and humidity in incubator

    Would like a refresher on temp and humidity for eggs in incubator. It’s been awhile since I hatched some out. I have a still air with egg turner. This is what I had done before. 98-99 degrees 50% humidity until lockdown 65-70% humidity at lockdown I will be incubating BO and Lavendar Orps.
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    Setting on Good Friday

    Day 21 for me. I hear chirping inside and some condensation on the windows. Can't see any pips yet, but I can't wait to see what happens by the time I get home from work. I'm glad I'm working today as well. My first hatch, I stayed home all day, and it was torture!!! Good luck and congrats to...
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    TSC Finally Cured My Chick Fever?

    I went in to our local TSC. They had a slew of assorted reds and leghorns...They all looked really healthy!! It took so much to just walk out of there without a few to take home. However, I set up my bator yesterday when I got home, and plan to set eggs tonight! i gotta get my chickie fix!
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    Setting on Good Friday

    I will be setting eggs tonight. So I would like to join you all in this hatch! I will be setting my own. Some EE's as I lost my only green layer over the winter. The other eggs are orp mixed. I have a lav. roo and a BBS orp splash roo along with some blue, buff and black hens. It will be...
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    BBS orpington TRIO for sale.

    Trio of BBS orps for sale. All are 1 year old and hatched from quality hatching eggs purchased here at BYC. Hens are laying and roo is big and beautiful! All are blue. Please contact with any questions or information needed. Thank you!
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    BBS trio for sale. 1 year old, hatched from quality hatching eggs

    Trio of BBS orps. All are blue. 2 hens and 1 roo. Hens are laying and roo is very tame. I hatched these last spring and come from quality hatching eggs. No shipping. Must pick up. Located in Mertztown, Pa 18069. Please contact for more information. Thank you!
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    Black and Blue Orpington Cockerels -PA

    I have three cockerels available from Tuffoldhen's eggs. 14 weeks old and handsome. 1 black and 2 blues. Located in Mertztown, Pa 19539.
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    Facebook users - does anyone else play "Farm Town"?

    If anyone wants to add me as a FT or FV neighbor, that would be great! My facebook name is Marlene Yoder. Wedding picture of me and my hubby is on there. Thanks! I need neighbors too.
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    PA- Roosters to rehome: SLW, EE, BBS Orps.

    I have some roos that need a home! Pick up Only. SLW- 6 months old EE- 6 months old Blue Orp-3 months old Black Orp- 3 months old Mixed Breed-3 months old, brown and black coloring All above roos where hatched here and hand raised. All have good temperments. Please PM if you are interested...
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    Anyone else hatching 6/25? Chicks are here!

    thanks paganbird! congrats on your hatch as well....
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    Anyone else hatching 6/25? Chicks are here!

    Finally have some pics of my BBS orps hatched on 6/24. Splash orps: Questionable Splash Orp: Dark and Light Blues: BO/EE crosses:
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    Anyone else hatching 6/25? Chicks are here!

    Here is what I have, 9 total. I took all the hatched chick out about 30 minutes ago and moved them to the brooder. I had 13 to start. 2 died in the shell with no pipping, 1 died in shell while pipping. 2 mystery BO crosses, 3 blue orp, 2 black orp, and 2 splash orps. I'll post pics tomorrow at...
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    should I take chicks out of bator?

    I waited...glad I did...woke up to 3 more little ones. Total of 7 now and 3 more pips. I'll leave them in there today as well. Thanks for the help!
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    Anyone else hatching 6/25? Chicks are here!

    before bed at 10pm I still had 4 that hatched and 4 pips. Woke up at 3am, because I just had to check to see if anymore hatched, well 2 more hatched. Went back to bed and got up at 6am and another hatched and there are 2 more pips. I'm going to leave them in there for a bit to see if anymore can...
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    should I take chicks out of bator?

    thanks for the reply. I"ll wait until the morning and see if there are any new hatchlings.
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