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    Quail skinned by coopers!

    @Little Chickadee thanks 😞 unfortunately I'm very familiar with the coopers, as I used to own racing pigeons. This new loft has 8 pigeons and 3 quail as of this morning. I'm using 1 inch square on the aviary which is smaller than my previous loft where I never had in loft casualties, I think it...
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    Blood in coop! Please help!!

    Usually when I see blood in poop it's coccidia. Treat their water with corid to be sure and it should go away after a bit👍
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    Quail skinned by coopers! does one break a quails neck by chance?🙁
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    Quail skinned by coopers!

    I have antibiotics and blood stop on hand. I only have 3 of my original 5 left and ones a roo so I'd prefer she survives since no is selling quail around me currently and I don't want to do a hatch. She seems shook and in pain but it is a survivable wound if I can get the bleeding to stop😬 I'm...
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    Quail skinned by coopers!

    @Nabiki nothing keeps ours away, we have too many squirrels to count along with rats and songbirds, toads etc. He still goes for the quail and pigeons 🤷. And that's with mockingbirds, owls, big dogs, and a cat and noisy roosters to dissuade them😞
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    Quail skinned by coopers!

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    Quail skinned by coopers!

    Trying to catch her🤦
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    Quail skinned by coopers!

    So my birds have been in the aviary for around 2 months now and as I ran to the store for last minute groceries the cooper decided to get quail for Thanksgiving! My cortunix hen Goose was napping along the fence and I believe it got ahold of her somehow and skinned her stomach entirely like it...
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    Racer/homing pigeon cull discussion

    Hi guys I wanted to start a thread and see if it could give any more insight to others on culling of birds in a racing flock. I myself have never culled and have had no reason to but I'm curious how often others cull birds and for what reasons/causes. Alot of people in my bird groups on fb tend...
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    Legs to support a 6x4x5 coop?

    Flooding standard for our yard ☹️
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    Legs to support a 6x4x5 coop?

    @Mamatomany123 on concrete blocks where we are in texas everything floods...unless you want to pay for a million dollar property you can either risk flooding or get a house that doesn't flood but a yard that does. We're in a area most resistant to flooding and still get 6 inches in 3 days easy...
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    Coop design needed for the Middle East persecuted & poor

    This seems a little difficult to do with chickens, have you considered meat pigeons? Giant runts, king pigeons etc can all be kept in a set up suitable to what you want and will excersize themselves as long as they have a wide enough loft to flap their wings. Quail can also be kept in stacked...
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    Amateur 20-something Carpenter/Chicken-Lady Builds Upcycled Coop that Keeps Growing :)

    How did you do the frame for your coop out of curiosity? Were about to do a 6x4 and trying to decide if lengthwise or hieght wise is better
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    Legs to support a 6x4x5 coop?

    Hey guys I'm starting on the adult coop for our silkies as they are currently in our old duck coop. I need it 20" off the ground so the birds can shelter under it and to stay above flood water here in Texas. Are pine 2x4s suitable or will I need to do full 4x4s to get proper support? It's being...
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    Quail trapped for days! recovery?

    Unfortunately she gave out sometime early morning, she had been eating and drinking a bit as late as 11:40pm and was pooping although not substantially, I can only assume something quit working in the days whithout and failed on her upon startup post reacue ☹️ I have been considering getting...
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