Quail skinned by coopers!


8 Years
Apr 2, 2015
Katy TX
So my birds have been in the aviary for around 2 months now and as I ran to the store for last minute groceries the cooper decided to get quail for Thanksgiving! My cortunix hen Goose was napping along the fence and I believe it got ahold of her somehow and skinned her stomach entirely like it was prepping for an anatomy project 😱 she also smacked her head but escaped! She seems in shock right now and I don't want to handle her for a little bit to assure she doesn't drop dead, but how would I treat her if she survives?!! The entire stomach along her breast bone is skinned and the flap is dragging along the ground so I think it'll need to be cut off to prevent infection😞 what can I use on her for antibiotics or possible pain killers?! Can I but blood stop on her? Or will the pain just send her into shock anyways?!
oh poor baby....you need triple antibiotic for SURE... she probably needs IM penicillin also you can buy that at feed store.... and yea i had this golden polish in my pic get caught by a cooper, within seconds it had literally ripped her a new ass (excuse me but seriously) and the whole side of her was like your bird also.... i used antibiotic ointment but chickens are resilient especially if you give them good foods, plenty of fresh veggies.... remember she will probably rest on this place at night, so for sure use Antibiotic ointment before dark :)
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