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  1. The Girls Coop

    The Girls Coop

    Our Garden Coop - 5'x12' coop for 6 chickens I am new to chickens and I had no idea on what I needed or what I was doing. In fact I talked about getting some chicks for many years. Well it finally came to pass when I found a new tractor supply store and they had spring chickens (red-sex Links)...
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    the Girls were a hit at the party

    This was fun and we were glad we did it. We decided to give each guest a cup of peanuts to feed to the chickens. The kids had soooo much fun and I am sure the girls are already looking forward to the next party . A surprizing development was many of the kids asked for eggs to take home, so the...
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    Chicken Costume

    I am going to make wings later. I need two more feather Boa's but they cost $9 each. I got carried away. My original Idea was the hat with some feathers on her butt.
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    Chicken Costume

    Not much sewing. Mostly tacked the boa to the tshirt with big globs of hot glue. the way it is put together is. I put a t-shirt over a turtle neck. I sewed the t-shirt bottom to the turtleneck bottom and then stuffed pilow filling inbetween. once done I glued 6 boa's to the t-shirt. (To help...
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    Chicken Costume

    Ok I decieded to try my hand at sewing. My daughter REALLY wanted to be a chicken for halloween.
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    buttons broke a soft egg inside and is bleeding tonight

    Great news. She had a clean perfect egg. No blood, no discharge so so far so good. Thanks for the saline recipe. I bought some ebson salts and now I know how the make it, I have it in the ready. The only negative is my daughter will miss watching cartoons in the morning with her (BTW buttons...
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    buttons broke a soft egg inside and is bleeding tonight

    Good new for now. She seems fine. she is eating and drinking chnasing bugs in the yard. No signs of blood and everything is where it is supposed tot be. We will know tomorrow. She is going to get put back in the hospiltal coop in our room again tonight so we can see how she does with the eggs in...
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    buttons broke a soft egg inside and is bleeding tonight

    OK midnight bath complete. My wife and I decided to pull her out of the coop and place her in a makeshift hospital in the house for the night. We dont have saline on hand but we washed her in the sink with warm water really good and inspected her vent. It is fully closed and not bleeding or...
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    buttons broke a soft egg inside and is bleeding tonight

    Thanks I appreciate the help. My baby girl is the real one with the instincs she handled it like a pro. She knew what she needed to do but came to me for help getting it accomplished. (I was in a state of disbelief ) Buttons is a red-sex link and is about 24 weeks old. She has been layng...
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    buttons broke a soft egg inside and is bleeding tonight

    My 7 year old just came in the house covered in blood. She said Buttons had laid an egg without a shell. She then said she said she saw something hanging out of her vent and it was covered with blood she also said she pulled some shell out of her vent and that is how she got covered in blood...
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    Its foghorn leghons birthday today

    I herd on the radio that today was the debut of foghorn leghorn in 1946
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    Post your FIRST EGG pics!

    We got ours about 10 min ago !!!!!\\ its a bit small but perfect (the girls were hatched about the week of april 15th) I am sooo glad my kids were the ones to first discover it. They were so excited and ran in the house screaching they could bairly contain themselves.
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    HEAT, How do you save your chickens?

    I was going to recomend a mister but run the hose through a cooler full of ice first (coil the hose several times).
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    I hung a head of cabbage in the coop - totally worth it.

    I hung a half a head of cabbage in the girls run today. I used a piece of cloths line tied to an eye screw. The girls went nuts. I must have laughed for an hour. I wonder if I should submit this for the pic of the day
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