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    Handfeeding squabs

    That's good to know! I've raised various songbirds (we used to live in a neighborhood with a lot of stray cats) and they're so fragile.
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    Handfeeding squabs

    I feel bad that they've been taken away from their parents so young, and that they might be taken by someone who isn't able to care for them properly. I've ended up with several kittens and puppies over the years that people got too young, with the best intentions, but then couldn't handle...
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    Handfeeding squabs

    Here's the picture from the ad, that's probably more helpful!
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    Handfeeding squabs

    They look between 7 and 10 days old.
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    Handfeeding squabs

    I noticed someone locally on craigslist is selling pigeon squabs that are still young enough to need hand feeding (they're still fuzzy). I feel bad for them - I have some experience raising baby animals and I kind of want to get one to try and save it, but I know this would be encouraging the...
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    Hen turning into rooster?

    Right, I was just wondering if it was an early sign of hormone problems or if she was just being weird. She normally vocalizes a lot but I've never heard her actually crow.
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    Hen turning into rooster?

    Right - I know she isn't turning into an actual rooster, but hens can develop male secondary sex characteristics like feathering, big combs and crowing if something knocks out their one ovary. I was wondering if the crowing might be an early sign of that, or if hens crow just for kicks on occasion.
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    Hen turning into rooster?

    Here's the story: Toes, my Salmon Faverolles, is the lowest on the totem pol out of my flock of 9 hens. The other hens bully her out of the coop at night so she always perches on top, so every night I have to toss her in the coop before I lock it. Last night when I went out I noticed her head...
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    Looking for Beltsville Small White or Midget White for shipping

    I'm interested in these, too! I'm in Maryland, USA.
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    34 yo, Maryland 7 chickens

    Hello fellow Marylander! :)
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    Hi from South Africa

    Welcome! I lived in S. Africa for almost ten years :) Nice to meet you.
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    I need you to tell me your funniest chicken fails!! I must crown a winner!!

    I have a bright orange (think traffic cone) shirt that my chickens are terrified of. They won't come near me when I wear it.
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    Eating her own feathers? Going to get the chills?

    She's in a coop at night. I do give them boiled eggs once a week, and I'll get a pack of mealworms too.
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    ARTICLE SUBMITTED - THANK YOU!! -- Looking for pics of baby chicks

    Here's a Buff Orpington, Gold Laced and Silver Laced Wyandotte, and a Speckled Sussex.
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