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    Vaccinating for Marek's

    @duluthralphie thank you so much, that was very helpful! sorry to hear about your condition. Fingers crossed for you appointment and hope you hear good news!
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    Vaccinating for Marek's

    I know this is an old thread, but @duluthralphie if you could please let me know how your outbreaks were after vaccinating your chicks hatched at home? Did you see a significant reduction in sick birds? It seems silly to me that people say to have them raised elsewhere for 3 weeks. If mareks is...
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    Where should I buy blue Partridge Brahmas?

    Haha I'll take it as a sign... obviously that's not a trustworthy person. I still have eggs pre-ordered with honeysuckle. Someone else in the Brahma and cochin fb group said they have BPB eggs for sale now but I'll stick with who has a good reputation and was responsive.
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    Where should I buy blue Partridge Brahmas?

    I found someone local an hour away and she said she would sell me a breeding pair and hatching eggs. Had everything all worked out and then she ghosted on me...what is wrong with people...
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    Where should I buy blue Partridge Brahmas?

    I saw eggsellent farms but they just told me they lost their roo unfortunately. The other farm I looked at was something with willows in it. But they're cutting back too.
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    Easiest way to raise chicks

    @NNYchick is the bottom removeable and washable on that puppy playpen? if not, what do you put down?
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    Show me your brooders in your coop!

    If you are planning on having them out there is possible cold temps plan on buying a water heater. I find that a nipple waterer and no waste feeder are key to keeping them clean and low stink...they make a mess of everything!!
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    Roosters to hens ratio

    I didn't have time to read through all the posts, but I'll tell you my experience. If there is no dominant rooster then yes, the hens will end up over-bred. You can use saddle aprons to help with this problem. If you have a dominant rooster this will keep the others from breeding or at least...
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    My Daphne has gone broody

    I let my broody hatch last week of Oct and it was actually colder then. Most of her eggs didn't make it since she wouldn't let me separate her. Towards the end I figured out to put a nesting box liner/pad underneath her for padding and warmth. She hatched one chick and I ordered her 6 more. They...
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    Where should I buy blue Partridge Brahmas?

    I found a place through facebook called Honeysuckle Breeze Farm Boutique Birds. I have no previous experience with them but they responded right away through messenger and were very friendly. They promised to send me eggs as soon as available and were able to give me an estimate. Check out their...
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    Where should I buy blue Partridge Brahmas?

    @ChickenObsession did you find any? I found some hatching eggs on ebay, but only 6 and I would want 12. I found 2 farms in Maine as well that I will keep in mind, but that would a long trip to you
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    Backyard Brahmas!!

    @Bluegenes did you order from cackle? It looks like from above Meyer's and mcmurray's birds aren't very large. I want gentle GIANTS...I like big birds and I cannot lie....:lau
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    Faverolles Thread

    Trevorusn have you seen the price though?! I got a green queen from Meyer that looks like she must be a "favaucana" and she's super cute...has a little mohawk right now. They're much more reasonably priced but not guaranteed to look like this. The only reason I wouldn't reorder from Meyers again...
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    Hatchery Olive Eggers

    I got the sapphire OE from Hoover's as well. It is green but a light green and only looks green next to my EE who pays very blue. If you want a for sure OE I suggest looking for someone who has F2 in the future, those will be darker.
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    Faverolles Thread

    Thanks rshumpal the photos really help! MPC didn't have much and their reviews were older. If they breed their own SF then they're the closet hatchery to me!
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