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    Why do you have the breeds you do?

    At the moment I have, breeding age; barred rock, brown leghorn, mixed Pheonix, dark Brahma, mottled Java, white Cochin bantam, Millie Fleur booted bantam, buff Brahma bantam, and Japanese bantam. In the chick brooders I have barnyard mix, several color varieties of bantam Cochin, porcelain and...
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    Thoughts on Beilefelder as a good exhibition breed???

    I am considering getting rid of my Delaware line. They have been very frustrating. It seems that what I thought was decent breeder stock turned into standard hatchery stock. I keep getting excessive body spotting and white legs. The chicks start out beautiful white with bright yellow legs. As...
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    Can you cross breed a Guinea?

    Ok, before you answer let me explain. My Guinea hen's mate died late last summer and she has been on her own. Since, they are very social creatures she joined my mixed chicken coop. It has gone quite well and she seems to be thriving. Fast forward to Spring and she calls constantly for a mate...
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    Comment by 'wornoutmomto3' in media 'Two Bantam Chicks'

    @Sylie they do have subtle muffs. I am thinking Belgian Quail Bantams as a strong possibility for breed.
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    Please help ID bantam chicks

    Thanks. I just googled Quail Belgian Bantams, and they do look like that breed.
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    Please help ID bantam chicks

    Here is a picture of the feet
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    Please help ID bantam chicks

    These two appear to be the same breed. I am just not sure which breed. Clean legs, black body, reddish face.
  8. Bantam feet

    Bantam feet

    Trying to ID this chick
  9. Bantam Faces

    Bantam Faces

    Trying to ID these chicks
  10. Bantam Wings

    Bantam Wings

    Trying to ID this chick
  11. Two Bantam Chicks

    Two Bantam Chicks

    Trying to ID these chicks
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  13. Ducklings


    These are the first three ducklings from my first breeding pair.
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    Missing albums! Please help

    My albums tab is back and the pictures are back. But, a Gallery search still results in nothing but what I just uploaded. Not sure why, but I am glad to have my pictures again.
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