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    Araucana Black White Brown Red Silver Duckwing Gold Duckwing Black Breasted Red Blue Wheaton Birchen

    Araucana Black,White,Brown/red,silver duckwing,gold duckwing,Black Breasted Red,Blue,Wheaton,Birchen Created by Ytailhunter Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: Alot has been said about the history of the araucana so for now until I do more research I will leave ths section...
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    18 True Rumpless Tufted Araucana 13 R + 5H P/U only Massena NY

    After A Lot of Thought I have decided to sell my flock of true Araucana, I Regularly sell my Egg's on Eggbid for an average of $ 30.- $ 50. per dozen , So it wont take you long to see a return on your investment. My hen's are either black or white and my roo's are BBR, GLD,Blue ,Birchen, White...
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    (Sold) 12 True Rumpless Tufted Araucana Egg's ($35. includes shipping)

    I had a cancellation so the first person to PM me with the word taken will grt these egg's . They are from my pen of large fowl araucana of various colors - Chick's could be BBR,Bdw,Black,white, Blue, Or brown red, If spoken for by 10pm today they will ship tomorrow. sept 28
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    True Rumpless Araucana Pair Availiable

    They are standard size, large fowl, Thought I might give everyone at byc an oppratunity at these first but there don't seem to be enough interest, I'll give it till the weekend then place them on eggbid if they are not wanted by other byc members..
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    True Rumpless Araucana Pair Availiable

    Shipping will be a fixed $45. These two bird's are availiable to the highest Bidder However I do have a reserve, Both are 18wks,hatched from blue egg's and are un-related,They are primarily blue with red wingbands 1 cockrel and 1 Hen, and I may add another pullet if bidding goes well. The...
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    WANTED- hatching eggs... BLUE Araucana or Americana eggs, more

    I have two pens of true rumpless tufted araucana, Possible colors would be Blue,White, Blue duckwing,Black, BBR, or splash,Heres some pic's of egg's and Birds My egg's are selling for $30.per dozen + Shipping
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    12+ True rumpless tufted araucana egg's - $30.+ shipping ready monday

    Ok I believe I have checked back with everyone, Which means I have one dozen more ready to ship on monday the 21st same breeding pen's $30. + shipping, please PM me if I have missed you.
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    12+ True rumpless tufted araucana egg's - $30.+ shipping ready monday

    Thanks for the correction, I was a little sleepy,LOL do you raise araucana as well and how did you come by your genetic info. Just curious as I am now working on the colors which modify E,ER,eWH,and eb on the E-locus but there are more modifiers than I had originally thought.But I have figured...
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