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    Chicken Hawk watching over my chickens

    Chicken Hawk watching over my chickens
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    Farm Day/Chicken Swap - Tractor Supply Co., Sanford, Maine

    To many wild criitters around her keep getting my chickens !!! I think im done !
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    Best Memorial weekend EVER!!

    id call you a Grandma !Gmsg, or a great grandma like u said. i love the back left white sock.
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    New from Illinois

    Hi Welcome to the board Chicken Lover 3
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    New kid on the farm

    Hi Farmer ! Nice of you to join us.
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    First Post!!

    Hi Stitch ! Nice to meet ya !
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    mean rir

    Who's mean?
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    Yum or Yuck?

    YUM with peanut butter even. Chinese fortune cookies ?
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    My mother duck just died today... can I save the eggs?

    That is so sad....what happened to momma duck?
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    first ever lockdown tomorrow

    Exciting !!
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    Tornado came through my valley and killed my peahen.

    So many intense , devestating storms this year....what is happening.? Maitia im so sorry for your loss.
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    Adorable Poults

    Hope they didnt poop, haha They are so cute,,,,,,the cat too.
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    ok very confused

    That is sweet !
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    Help needed please

    hi Dobbie, I see your getting plenty of good advice. :frow
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    Medina Ohio!

    Hello Phoenix from Maine
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