500ct Live Mealworms, Reptile, Birds, Chicken, Fish Food (Free Shipping)

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    Gimminy Crickets & Worms
    Gimminy Crickets & Worms
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    500ct live mealworms, free shipping, healthy and nutritious. They are apx 1/2 inch.
    In the event you need worm food/bedding they are available for sale on Amazon for $10.99 for 1 lb. includes shipping. It's the same food we feed our Mealworms Giants and Superworms. Just put in the search box listing number B007KO6512.
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  1. FlyWheel
    Serious? They actually count the worms?
      Dawnclucks22 and Gammond like this.
    1. WestKnollAmy
      No, they are measured out. 500 ct is about a half cup.
      WestKnollAmy, Jun 21, 2017

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