All-purpose Temperature Controller STC-1000 With sensor

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    Measure range: -50°+99°C
    Mounting size: 71*29mm
    Auto switch between refrigerating and heating
    Retrun difference value

    Specification and Size:
    1.Front panel size75(L)×34.5(W)mm;
    2.Mounting size:71(L)×29(W)mm;
    3.Product size75(L)×34.5(W)×85(D)mm;
    4.sensor length2minclude the probe.

    Technical Parameters:
    1. Temperature measuring range: -50°~99°C;
    2. Resolution: 0.1°C;
    3. Accuracy: ±1°C (-50~70°C);
    4. Sensor error delay: 1 minute
    5. Power supply: 110VAC±10%, 50/60Hz;
    6. Power consumption: ?3W;
    7. Sensor: NTC sensor (1PC);
    8. Relay contact capacity: Cool 10A/250VAC;Heat 10A/250VAC;
    9. Ambient temperature: 0~60°C;
    10. Storage temperature: -30~75°C;
    11. Relative humidity: 20%~85% (No condensate).

    Package includes
    1 x Mini Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat Aquarium
    1 x Temperature sensor probe with 2M cable
    1 x Instruction Manual
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  1. eggbeforchicken
    "All-purpose Temperature Controller STC-1000..."
    Pros - hold great temperature 0.2
    Cons - nothing i can think of
    if your making a home made incubator this is the Temperature Controller you need what else is the to say
  2. cluck-cluck
    "Wish I knew of this when I first built my home..."
    Pros - Easy to use and accurate with tight controls 5 stars if wiring instructions were included
    Cons - Doesn't monitor humidity and only gives temperature in degrees celcius, wiring diagram non existant, but you can find them on the internet or my tutor
    After spending money on a water heater temperature controller, I discovered this device. The water heater controller cost half as much but had way more fluctuation in temperature, This device keeps the incubator at a temperature range of 0.3 degrees celcius. As long as your incubator can hold in the heat (I have to put a blanket on top of mine in cold weather), this device will give you the most stable temperatures. The sensor is at the end of a long wire that you poke through something like your vent hole, so the controls are always easily reached (outside the incubator) and you can put the sensor in ice water to see how accurate it is (should read 0). You can also calibrate it + 10 degrees celcius but I didn't need to do that, so I don't know how it's done.

    I believe those wafers cost just as much, yet this device is so darn easy to use, and you can check the status at a glance and don't need a second thermostat sitting inside the incubator (possibly getting loose and smashing eggs) All in all, so glad to have found this thing!

    See my tutorial on how to wire it!
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  1. Akrnaf2
    I have bilt 2 incubator that works wonderfuly with this controller!
  2. GeorgeGarman
    Got mine from ebay too, for around $10. I use in the homemade bator, as well as for a separate brooder.
    My freezer thermostat broke so that it was always on - hooked up one of these there as well.

    The wiring and instructions are awkward. If you lack a wiring background, you'd be better off running two plugs. One regular wire for the thermostat. A second plug with only one wire running through the relay to power your device. PM me if you need more details on this.
  3. coop410silkies
    I purchased a couple versions of these on eBay. One is powered by a 12volt powered supply (or a 5amp DC adapter), and the others are 110 AC, in either centigrade or Fahrenheit. They are easy to use with the external probe, and all of them agree with each other (but the sensor reads about 1*F higher than the Incutherm Sensor I use). I go with the Willhi, but I CAN set it higher if I wish. These are made in China, they cost around $13, and the directions for wiring are either non-existent or terrible. You can burn out the internal relays if you do it wrong (ask me how I know this), and then it will be just a temperature sensor. Fun to play with and can be an effective tool in your incubator ware box.
  4. coop410silkies
    I have several slightly different models of these I purchased from ebay for around $13 - $15. I agree, they are the best thing that could ever happen to an incubator. You can place the external probe sensor anywhere in your incubator, but I have found that the best place is inside a fake egg nestled in with your hatching eggs. Temperature is consistently controlled between 99* & 100*, and you can just set it and forget it. When everything else is right in my incubators, I have great hatch rates, with robust, healthy chicks. One thing bears mentioning: some models can be powered with DC and are powered by a Transformer of sorts (in my case, I wired my DC model to a modified old 12 Volt phone charger); this means I can run it from a car battery if the power goes out. (Of course, the heating element being switched must also have an alternate source of electricity.). I did never like the slowness with which the wafer thermostat in my Hovabator responded to changes in temperature, so I switched it out with one of these little digital units. Voila, instantaneous responses to temperature changes. These Willhi thermostats are made and shipped from China, and are still an economical buy. Wiring can be intimidating but not impossible if you remember that it is just a switch. I wish I could help you, because it takes an electrician to read to read whatever directions in English you might be able to find for it. There IS good help on one of the BYC forum threads.
  5. tbishop
    I could never get it wired correctly, but I don't have an electrical background. The youtube instructions didn't work for me.
  6. Quack Addict
    Gotta agree! Used one of these in the incubator I built and had %100 hatch rate the first batch! Very reliable and accurate control!
  7. Quack Addict
    Gotta agree! Used one of these in the incubator I built and had %100 hatch rate the first batch! Very reliable and accurate control!
  8. scotter
    I have two of them and think they are a super good value. They do have one in F but most commonly available in C. Configurations for 120v 220v and 12vdc as well. I've also seen that some are available with blue displays instead of red. Be sure to order the one best suited for your application. They Work Perfectly
  9. Ashburnham
    Brilliant device. You could build any incubator around one of these. Note- they now make one that controls humidity!
  10. t0m
    The STC-1000 thermostat is currently available for less than $20 from Elitech. I think this is a really good deal.

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