Analog Hygrometer - Attractive Polished Brass Finish - 1 3/4'' Round

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  1. 007Sean
    "Brass Hygrometer"
    Pros - The price
    Cons - Could not get it calibrated
    I too bought mine on eBay. After receiving it I did the salt test calibration. Was unable to get the one I purchased, to calibrate. The adjustment screw would not turn, and was 17% off out of the package.
    Would have been a great item if able to calibrate, was well made, easy to read scale but not calibrateable, is the reason I give a 1 star rating.
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  2. wjschieber
    "Brass Analog Hygrometer"
    Pros - Accurate and Adjustable
    Cons - None yet
    I bought on Ebay for $6.99 and was not expecting much. When it arrived I was impressed it is brass with a glass face. When I checked the calibation it was only 1% low it read 74% instead of 75%. After using it for three hatches it is still just 1% off. For what it is worth the seller says it is guaranteed to last for life.
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