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Average User Rating:
  1. mustangrooster
    "A great beautiful bird."
    Pros - Beautiful, roosters are the most docile and sweetest things in the world, hens lay good white eggs, very gentle, No bad bone in their body
    Cons - Can be flighty, trust me they run miles if frightened, after a certain time i find egg production becomes less as well.
    Anconas have to be the sweetest birds i know. In fact they were one of the first chickens i got.

    They were a breeding pair; Cowboy and Sweetheart.

    Let me tell you, if you want a rooster get a Ancona. Cowboy is the sweetest, gentlest rooster i have come across. Never once attacked, protects his girls too, however if another roosters comes along he cant exactly protect himself- hes too gentle, Being that he was bottom of the rooster pecking order.

    He can get frightened easily, will run for miles actually. He gets along well with every other bird, and when theres a intruder he really does sound the alarm! He can be weary of humans however, so you have to be gentle and dont spook around them.

    As for Sweetheart, bless her soul, she was the most sweetest and the most gentle hen out of all our flock. For a certain time she was top of the pecking order, dont exactly know how but she was. She was a good leader too. She was very gentle, sweet and curious. However she got spooked easily too.

    She layed good small-ish white eggs, but soon stopped laying everyday, due to older age, but she tried to lay an egg everyday! Soon she stopped laying altogether for a while. Why? She was getting picked on by ALL the roosters in flock, too gentle to fight back, was now the bottom of the pecking order, refused to mate with anyone but Cowboy.

    She was on the run from everyone for a period of time, and i would see Cowboy just dying to get to her.

    Rest in Peace Sweetheart, she gave up her final battle when heatstroke got the better of her.

    If put into Pairs Anconas seem to bond forever, Cowboy still sometimes trys to find where his mate went.
  2. Almond goose
    "Good Bird"
    Pros - Pretty, good layers, good foragers.
    Cons - hard show bird, Flighty, can be noise, smaller eggs.
    The Ancona is a vary Pretty bird but could be difficult to show, because the spots may not be Constantine and may have black scales on there legs (which is normal in the breed). My Anconas Fern and Stinker (long story) are good foragers with corky personalities. Both of them are flighty and get spooked with any sudden movements.


    Left Stinker, Right Fern when they where chicks I always joked that
    Stinker looked so manly with his mascara under his eye.
  3. WyandotteLove1
    "A Bit Flighty, But A Great Bird Overall"
    Pros - Good egg producer, cold-hardy, sweet if well-cared for in chickhood
    Cons - Flighty, skiddish if not well-cared for in chickhood, doesn't lay many eggs during winter
    I have an Ancona bird, and she is actually pretty sweet, and is a good egg-producer. Although she is all pros in the summer, during a long period in the winter, she doesn't produce eggs very often. She is also quite flighty if we let her wings grow out, and a bit skiddish at times. But she really is a good bird. She is higher on the pecking order, which helps with her winter egg production once in a while.

    If you are looking for birds to add to your flock, I recommend the Ancona.
  4. Top Rooster
    "Very flighty until they start to lay eggs they..."
    Pros - Friendly once they are mature lay nice big eggs
    Cons - Flighty before they start to lay eggs
    I don't know what made mine become friendly but she all of a sudden was friendly I think it may have been because she went blind in one of her eyes due to an injury or the fact that she lays eggs now she became blind and friendly and started to lay just in one week so I don't know what made her be like this
  5. oldhenlikesdogs
    "Good all around chickens, very pretty coloration"
    Pros - Great egg layers, good foragers
    Cons - Flighty but not hysterical
    Good looking white egg producers, very easy keepers, and great flock members, not agressive or bossy with other chickens, but isn't meek either.
  6. hippiestink
    "Troublemakers But WONDERFUL Attack Chickens..."
    Pros - Feisty, talkative, decent layers
    Cons - Flighty, somewhat aggressive to flock members
    I have this love-hate relationship with my Ancona mix Duchess.

    On one hand, she's a decent layer, giving large white eggs every other day. She's brave and quick to charge animals that come near the fence (not people though). She's got beautiful plumage and loves to cluck your ears off.

    On the other hand, she likes to fight the other hens and was VERY flighty. We had to not only cover the entire 400 sq ft run but also had to clip her wings just to get her to stop flying over the fence to roost on the neighbor's hedge.

    So my recommendation? As soon as you get one, clip the wings. Keep her quarantined for longer than usual to get her used to the other flock members and prevent her from attacking them. I don't regret ol' Duchess, but if I had done these things first then I think I would have enjoyed her being around more.
  7. CoopedUpChicken
    "Ancona Love"
    Pros - Beautiful, Friendly, Curious, Outgoing
    Cons - None
    I have 2 Ancona hens and they are beautiful and friendly. They are only 16 weeks old and I am awaiting eggs! They get along beautifully with a mixed flock of many breeds. One of the Anconas was and still is the leader of all the hens. She was the first to climb up my arm at a mere week old - she really enjoyed hanging out on me. She taught her sister and the others to stop by my lap and get some petting. She is not mean to the others, but definitely is the leader thus far. She keeps an eye out and scolds others for getting out of line.
  8. xxnativewolfxx
    "well mine are about 6 months old give or take..."
    Pros - pretty, beautiful
    Cons - flighty, skittish,
    they will make BEAUTIFUL mix breed babies!
  9. kaitflower
    "ok, but rooster is female (human) aggressive"
    Pros - Pretty, alert
    Cons - flighty, aggressive rooster
    I like these chickens pretty well, but my rooster has become very aggressive towards females. I'm a pretty "manly" woman and he still come at me sometimes. I don't trust him to be ranging if we have company. Good supply of eggs from the hen though and such a cute comb!
  10. welsummer27
    "Great for a free range environment"
    Pros - Good layers of white eggs,great foragers, alert to predators,hardy in cool temps.
    Cons - none
    They are perticulerly good for people who want to free range their birds but are plagued by predators,they are alert and active foragers.

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