Cumfy Coops Marriott Chicken Coop

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    High Quality Fir Wood
    Slide Out Cleaning Tray
    6 Nesting Areas
    Front Door with Access Ramp
    Large Rear Access Door
    Sliding Ventilation Window
    3 Internal Perches (Removable)
    Security Sliding Bolts on all Doors
    Ships Flat Packed in Two Boxes
    Instructions & Hardware Included for Easy Assembly
    3.5" legs

    House Overall Exterior Including Nesting Boxes, Roof Overhang & Legs
    Width 62" x Depth 39.5" x Height 44.5"
    Actual Living area
    Width 32.5" x Depth 33.5" x Height 41"
    Each Nest box
    Width 13" x Depth 30" x Height 19" / 15"
    Rear Door
    15" x 21"
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  1. adrikeen
    "Great first"
    Pros - Roomy, fits several hens, able to hang a heating lamp
    Cons - Does not hold up over time in weather
    I bought this coop probably 5-6 years ago and it was great at first. However, several years later in weather, etc., it doesn't hold up. The wood has dry rotted in places. I've tried repairing but it only splits the wood further. I did varnish and water seal it...but it hasn't held up. :hit
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  2. pengimama
    "Excellent little coop"
    Pros - Nice, secure coop
    Cons - the roof doesn't open up
    We bought this coop to replace the Ware chicken coop. For the price it is absolutely fabulous. Due to the bad luck we've had with cheaper coops, we did immediately stain and weather proof the coop and it is absolutely adorable. The girls love it and it's wonderful having multiple nest boxes for the girls. A few sites say this is for 8-10 chickens. I don't agree. I think the coop should be listed for no more than 5. I bought mine from who has been great. Easy to put together.
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  1. ChickenyChickeny
    When I first got chickens, I bought a coop similar to this. It didn't hold up, it was didn't hold heat at all, and it was barely holding the frame together. Believe me, even if you know nothing about how to build stuff, you are better off just building a coop or buying an insulated shed and putting in a roost, nesting boxes, and some food, water, and chickens.

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