Electric Netting 14/48/3.5 White 82 ft

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  1. mymilliefleur
    "Kencove Electric Poultry Netting 14/48/3.5..."
    Pros - Great fencing, easy to use and install, durable, sag resistant.
    Cons - Difficult to install in hard soil.
    I am very happy with this fencing. It makes moving your chickens very easy, and keeps them safe from predators. If you move your birds, or would like to be able to set up a run for them that can be moved on a regular basis, then this fencing is for you. It is also great for turkeys and ducks, but not good for bantams, as they can fit through the openings.

    Description from Kencove website:

    ''7 double-spike step-in posts are built into the netting to make it a breeze to set up, tear down or move. Semi-rigid vertical stays every 3.5"; help keep the net from drooping in between posts. Horizontal lines are spaced closer together at the bottom and farther apart at the top providing superior predator protection. To prevent electrical shorting during weed growth, the bottom line is non-conductive. Stainless steel conductors provide superior tensile strength, rust resistance, and permanence over copper and aluminum conductors. ''


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