IncuKit DC for Desktop Egg Incubator | Proportional Thermostat Fan Heater Combo

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    Many people prefer to build their own incubators. This is a fun do-it-yourself project. We've found that the biggest difficulty people run into while developing their incubators is being able to find a reliable heat source and thermostat. We've solved this problem by creating the IncuKitTM series thermostat fan heaters. We have created the IncuKitTM DC to turn any small container into an incubator. This provides the heat, air circulation and thermostat control you need to accurately control the environment in your container for hatching eggs. The IncuKitTM DC comes with a proportional thermostat, built-in 40 watt heater, and a built-in fan. The proportional thermostat varies the amount of power that is supplied to the heater instead of simply turning the heater off and on. This provides more accurate temperature control than a standard off/on thermostat. The thermostat also comes preset to 99.5 degrees F which can be easily adjusted if necessary. The fan speed can also be adjusted to provide the right amount of circulation for different size containers. The digital display makes it easy to read the current temperature and to make changes. The IncuKitTM DC operates on low 12 Volt DC power and includes an AC-to-DC converter that works with both 110/120v and 220/240v power input. An optional DC turner motor can easily be added which is controlled by the control module and is fully adjustable. In case of power outages the IncuKitTM DC can also be powered with a 12V battery (additional battery connectors required). As always, all of our products are covered by our One-year Hassle-free Guarantee. Purchase today with no worries and experience the IncuKitTM DC for yourself.
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  1. Griffin Nest
    "Perfect Temperature Control, Temperature Probe..."
    Pros - Can turn anything into an incubator saving a lot of money
    Cons - Requires you to make your own incubator
    I incubated shipped bantams with it for the first time and I never had to adjust the temperature the entire time. Temp ranges from 99.2 - 99.7. It has adjustable temperature and fan speed.
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