Nutrena Naturewise Feather Fixer 18%

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  1. crazyhatlady
    "Really Good Feed"
    Pros - Works great, my hens love it.
    Cons - Expensive and comes in 40 lb bags not 50 lb. I can get it at my TSC for 16.99 a bag.
    A little less than half of my flock, my favorite Easter Eggers and my SLW were going through a really tough molt this year. My other half are first year black sex link pullets who just started laying at the beginning of October. With only 19 laying and not everyone laying every day, I was only getting about 12 eggs a day at the most. After 2 weeks of using the feather fixer all of my easter eggers and slw have their feathers growing back in beautifully where as before it was like they were stalled mid molt even with the addition of dried meal worms to their diet prior to purchasing Feather Fixer.
    Even my new pullets' feathers look glossy and beautiful and every one is looking great. I am now getting from 20-26 eggs every day and this week I started seeing my blue, pink and cream colored eggs again from my EE. Even all but one of my girls that had feathers that did not grow back after using hen saddles when I got rid of my naughty roosters, grew back their feathers on their back and the one that did not has the start of tiny feathers. I really love this feed and despite the price am going to continue on using it.
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