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Premier Brooder Heating Plate

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  1. horsekeeper
    "Chicks love this (and I do, too)"
    Pros - Safe, easy to clean, fair price, easy to adjust height, chicks love it
    Cons - None
    I started out raising chicks with heat lamps and then got a couple of warming plates from another company. I was not happy with them and discovered this model from Premier 1 and recommend it highly. The unit is made of quality materials and so easy to clean. The addition of the plastic "dome" cover on top prevents chicks from roosting on top and makes cleanup simple. The adjustable legs are well designed and change height in seconds to accommodate growing chicks. When I take chicks out of the incubator and tuck them under the heat plate they act very content and relaxed. One of the best features is setting the legs at different heights so the plate is on a slant and different size chicks can choose a comfortable space to snuggle in.

    The price is reasonable and the unit is very sturdy. I expect to get my money's worth out of this, unlike the other brand that is difficult to clean and fell apart after a few batches of chicks.
  2. birds4kids
    "Great product"
    Pros - Easy to adjust height, low energy use, safe, more natural behavior for the chicks
    Cons - none sofar
    Legs are very easy to adjust, heats up quickly.
    Chicks behavior seems far more natural than under lights.
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  3. wsmith
    "Works great."
    Pros - Adjustable legs, chicks stay warm even in 20F outside temps, less energy usage, no fire danger
    Cons - None
    This is fantastic!
    Even when the temps got into the low 20sF, the chicks stayed warm. It mimics the hen, as the chicks go underneath the plate and the heat is in contact with each chick. It doesn't get too hot either. Uses WAY less electricity than a heat lamp as well.
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  1. racinchickins
    I have used these for several years now. I have them in small, med, and large and I wouldn't trade them for anything.
    1. No danger of fire or a bulb burning out and getting the chicks cold.
    2. Easily adjustable as the chicks grow
    3. Gives the chicks a day/night cycle and mine seem to be better off from that.
    4. Very sturdy and well made. Takes lots of abuse.

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