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  1. klilly20
    "Best choice"
    Pros - easy to set up, birds seem to love it,easy to clean
    Cons - none
    I love the heating plate and making plans to buy another one. I have used quail to turkeys and have never lost any birds from been cold. It's safe to use no fears of fire like the heat lamp. the only thing better is a real hen
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  2. Doug in Colorado
    "This really works well"
    Pros - Safe. Safe. Safer.
    Cons - None. Really.
    This works just as it should. It doesn't overheat and the chick really like it. I don't have to worry about a heat lamp fire; which is a real concern.

    I would like to see everyone use one of the vice the red-hot lights. Plus the chickens don't get used to having a light on 24/7.
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    March 2018
  3. UrAlly
    "100 Stars! Seriously."
    Pros - Economical heat, chicks LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Simple to clean, use, store, and versatile in how you use them. Sturdy. Priced right. I recommend them to everyone. I loan mine out and then they buy their own.
    Cons - Can't think of even one. Maybe that I'd like to own at least two more of the two bigger sizes.
    These are fabulous. I use them for the hatchlings, the singletons that need their own crib, and or older birds that need some TLC. I double and triple stack them in the brooder for entertainment and for the chicks to pick a level to sleep or perch. Marvelous. I stopped using the clear stick-on plastic as they clean up easily and nicely. Buy as many as you can afford. I have 5 so far would like 7 :) We have raised 100's of chicks with these plates. I actually have three plates stacked now. They love it.
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  1. racinchickins
    I have used these for several years now. I have them in small, med, and large and I wouldn't trade them for anything.
    1. No danger of fire or a bulb burning out and getting the chicks cold.
    2. Easily adjustable as the chicks grow
    3. Gives the chicks a day/night cycle and mine seem to be better off from that.
    4. Very sturdy and well made. Takes lots of abuse.

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