R-Com Mini Incubator with standard chicken egg tray and small egg tray

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  1. Amykins
    "Great for small hatches!"
    Pros - Easy to use, great at maintaining consistent temps
    Cons - Can't adjust temp or humidity at all, alarm beeps are annoying
    I'm a bit miffed that there's no way whatsoever to change the temp or humidity level on this thing. When it says "fully automated", they mean it - no changing once this little thing gets going! But although I wish it was just a hair warmer my ducks have been developing perfectly fine within it. I'm rather impressed with its ability to keep the levels totally consistent through a week of schizophrenic weather, temps and barometric pressure here in Seattle. It was 90 and dry one day, 40 and raining the next! But the thermometer and hygrometer I have in there didn't budge one tiny bit.

    Another thing I noticed with the Rcom Mini is the noise. The beeps to warn you about low water or an open hatch door I understand, but the hourly egg-turner lets out a shrill, ear-splitting alert that gets very annoying VERY quickly. Nothing like hearing a high-pitched BEEEEEEP at two in the morning! No way to turn that one off, either.

    All in all though, I'm very happy I bought this. I had a disastrous hatch last year because my bator had yo-yo temps, and this one's been solid as a rock. For me, it was worth the price.
  2. pek
    "Very good, little expensive"
    Pros - turns, multiple species settings, small, viewing window, easy to use, 100% hatch rate
    Cons - only takes 3 eggs, expensive
    I am very happy with my r-com! It was quite expensive and only takes 3 eggs but I have a 100% hatch rate. It has a nice big viewing window. It is very easy too use, and it does everything. Would be great in a class room or at home, I am planing on bringing it to my cousins house for them to hatch some chicks with.
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  3. JerseyGiantfolk
    Pros - Cute little incubator, worked for me
    Cons - Waaaay to small for large fowl, (don't put ducks in it)
    It's a very cute one, perfect for banties, but super small for large breeds and ducks.

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