ReptiPro 5000 Egg Turner

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    Finally an egg turner that will fit inside the ReptiPro 5000 egg incubator.This egg turner will automatically turn your chicken eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs or any other small bird eggs 6 times a day for optimal embryo growth. The unit will hold 16 chicken eggs and 2 units can fit inside each ReptiPro 5000 giving you the capability to turn 32 eggs at any given time.This unit comes with small cups that fit inside each egg hole allowing you to turn smaller eggs just as well. With quail eggs you can fit 2 eggs per cup therefore doubling your quail egg turning capacity to 32 eggs per turner or 64 eggs when using 2 egg turners with your ReptiPro 5000.

    Also works for the ReptiPro 6000!
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  1. Mermaid909
    "Does the job"
    Pros - Fits in homemade foam incubator
    Cons - slight constant vibration
    I was pleased to find an egg turner that fit into my styrobator, comes with a standard house plug. No assembly, just plug in. I was concerned that it vibrates as it turns and have no idea if that may hinder the development of eggs. The reptipro turner has a very low hum, but that did not bother me. I have used it wih one hatch so for, but my eggs turned out not to be fertile.
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