Pros: Great layers
I loved my 3 red stars!!
They named are
Ruby, omlet,and pluma.
Ruby was the alfa.
Omlet, was the adventurous one.I
Pluma, was the runt and a sweet one. A love bug
I have 6 Red Stars and they are great layers about 1 egg every day. They also get along with other birds fairly well.
Pros: I had a black star chick that was super sweet.
Pros: Extremely friendly, never broody, beautiful colors, beautiful big eggs, amazing personalities!
Cons: Brown all the grass with their strong poop.
That con goes for all chickens I think.

They are the first chickens I've ever owned, but compared to other chickens, they are *one of the* best breeds. The most friendly definitely. All of my chickens have beautiful shiny coats.

To sum it all up, they are the best. I love each of them like family and they love me.
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Pros: I like the colors
Not extremely loud for a rooster
Not very aggressive with other roos
Likes attention but doesn't like being picked up
Cons: Their very big comb can get frostbite
Don't like confinement
I had two red sex link roos, which were SUPPOSED to be hens... ironic how they are supposed to be easier to sex.

I mostly enjoyed them, they didn't pick any fights with the top EE rooster other than quick pecks or staring each other down. The two roosters actually fought more.
They crowed a good amount but not that loud. They also loved coming to me for treats and one would sometimes jump on my shoulder.
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Pros: Egg Size, Egg Laying, Temperament, Foraging, Beauty, All-Weather
Cons: Matured into Egg Laying a Month Later
Ok, so straight up I bought 15 pullets ("Golden Reds/Stars") from Reich's Poultry Farm in Pennsylvania. The only con in my experience with them has been that they matured into egg laying about a month later than my other birds (Leghorns, Easter Eggers & Ameraucanas). However, that wasn't really a con- they matured later, but skipped the small eggs graduating to bigger eggs steps and started laying full size big, beautiful brown eggs from the first! Their temperament is warm, very people friendly, and gentle; they come to me and interact with me, they like for me to pick them up and hold them, and they show a constant curiosity and positive interaction with me when I'm in their yard. They get along very well with each other and the other breeds as well, and this has born out through summer, autumn & now winter weather. They forage very well, they're thoroughly hardy (they've handled the 1F weather better than the other breeds so far), they lay frequently despite their youth and the winter season, and they are genuinely gorgeous birds to look at. My ginger girls are my favs!
Purchase Price
Purchase Date
~1 June 2018


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Pros: All correct information
Cons: Forget to post pics of the Star
Excellently done!
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Pros: I had several that I lost this past year to a predator. But I loved these birds! Egg laying machines! Big eggs consistently! Comfortable/inquisitive around people - not timid. Handle Texas heat well. Do well in pen.
Cons: They eat A LOT! Can be a bit bossy with other breeds- better to have in flock of six or more to disperse any bossy behavior.
Pros: Egg-laying machine
Friendly, smart, inquisitive, plucky
Cons: None for my purposes
Let's just say this: My Cinnamon died over a year ago from a tumor. I still grieve for her and miss her cheeky self so much!
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Pros: Great layers, friendly, early layers, consistent even in winter
Cons: Not dual purpose
I have 5 red stars and 3 black stars (1 year old). The Red Stars started laying very early (17-18 weeks), and lay wonderfully. I live in Montana and they laid about half as much in the winter. While they aren't as friendly as orpingtons, they are friendly enough. They have a very small body- not a dual purpose bird. They are pretty hearty and robust.

I am not as excited about my black stars mostly because 1 of them didn't lay for a year (but now she does!) and they are much less friendly (especially to new birds). I also think their eggs are a little smaller, but I can't be sure. I don't think I'd get black stars again just because I like the red stars better - but they are fine birds. They have gorgeous feathers.
Pros: Good egg layer
Cons: Stops laying sooner
My Red Star was apparently different then most because she loved humans. Probably the friendliest girl in my flock. She also had now internal or egg laying issues (besides stopping sooner then my dual purpose breeds) and lived a long time (in the end dying due to a predator).
Purchase Price
$1 as a chick
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Pros: Good egg layers
Cons: They can be bullies to new or injured birds.
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Pros: Great birds around kids
Very observant and smart
Nice big eggs!!!
Cons: Rough on the lower chickens
I really like our Red Stars! We started with two and have now gotten three more. The first two have officially stopped laying at 3 so very impressed with the production length. They have a tough personality and are kind of mean to the chickens that are the lowest of the pecking order. But they are so friendly!! When I have little kids come over, these are the chickens that I bring out for them to hold.
They will perch on my arm or shoulder sometimes. I love the dark red eggs that they lay!!


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Pros: Great egg production, personalities, ok feed conversion
Cons: Can be very aggressive to flock mates
Cheap, easy and readily available. The do confinement very well and do pretty good in the colder months of the year. Personalities are unique to the individual, fun to have around. However, they can on occasions be overly aggressive with flock mates to the point my rooster got involved and hushed them around a bit. If I was to do it over again, I think I would go with a different breed/type of chicken for my hobby.
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Pros: Human friendly, nice large brown eggs, lots of eggs
Cons: mean to anything other than itself
these are great dont get me wrong, everything is perfect except, i put 6 new chicks and everything was fine until one of my hens decided she was going to be a rooster and started riding the 6 new chicks, needles to say I'm going to have a chicken diner soon, i know its the pecking order but 2 red stars in particular won't leave any one alone from riding them, pecking them, or just chasing, so 5 chickens are getting eaten:clap
Pros: Easily handled
gets along with others
comes when you call her
great egg layer
Cons: none!
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I wouldn't ever spend good money on these birds again. They're 'friendly' to the point of aggression, even taking chunks out of my legs if I don't keep an eye on them. They lay poorly after their first year, and the eggs they do lay after that point are too large to fit in cartons. They are very prone to reproductive disorders, so they often just drop dead or turn up ill one day. I've euthanized several of mine due to EYP or similar disorders. Don't buy these, get a heritage bird that needs help surviving. Or, if that's not an option, Leghorns are a less-endangered breed that are thrifty on feed and lay for a longer period of time.

Edit: I feel I should correct my original statement. If you happen to be keeping a flock of layers that you eat at a year and a half of age, then by all means, go ahead. That's what they were developed for.
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Pros: Nearly an egg a day. Not afraid of anything from people to dogs. Great garden partners.
Cons: Will help themselves into the house if you leave the door open.
Never broody. Mix with other breeds and sex link traits are passed making sexing easy. 90% hatch rate!
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Pros: Very friendly, pretty, lays huge brown eggs- 5-6 a week
Cons: Their egg production dramatically decreases after 2 years
I've had several red stars, and they were sweet, and beautiful birds. They laid 5-6 large brown eggs a week for about 2 years, after that they started laying less, and the eggs had very thin shells.

If you aren't looking for a long term layer, these are great, but if you want a hen that will lay reliably for years they aren't the best
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