Yardbird Chicken Plucker

Pros: Fast easy to use. Does a great job.
Cons: Feathers can plug under the disc
I bought a one of these this summer. It is fantastic. It will pluck 2 birds in 10-15 seconds. My son in law and I cleaned 20 birds in less than 90 minutes. At the end of 90 minutes they were bagged and in the freezer. Nothing makes processing day go faster then this plucker.

It will remove all the feathers and does an unbelievable job removing pin feathers. When it is done you cannot tell the difference between the dark feathered birds and the light ones it does that great of job on most birds.

You may have a few primaries left and a small ring around the top of the legs but not many.

The only thing we found was with the bigger gangly cockerels we need to chop the legs off before we put them in the plucker. We had contemplated taking our birds in to be processed. With this that would just be a waste of money.
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