adding adopted chicks to a broodie's hatch

  1. D

    Adding to Flock?

    Been doing quite a bit of research, and am getting mixed results about the Buff Orpington, of which I have 6 (19 weeks, approaching POL). I absolutely love the breed's friendliness and personality, but I'm afraid I won't get as many eggs as I had hoped for. I am thinking about maybe next summer...
  2. B

    Help with hen and chick adoption!!

    Hi, We are are our third round of chickens and decided to let our silkie who has been Brody forever finally have her chicks. To avoid roosters, we got baby chicks. We moved all 3 hens into our garage in a little nice area we made (including the broody one and her eggs) and waited a day. next...
  3. LizzzyBird

    Introducing baby chicks to mother hen

    Hey guys, 24 days ago I got six Gingernut chicken eggs to go under my broody Orpington, but only one of the eggs has hatched (and this was on day 22). So I'm thinking about getting rid of the other 5, I'm doing some candling tonight to see if there is any chance for them, but I didn't want to...
  4. CackleBabies

    Hen hatched long to keep separate?

    After three failed attempts with several broody hens this summer, one hen finally managed to hatch a single egg today, and the chick is adorable. Dottie is a buff brahma/buff orpington cross (bred by two chickens I started raising three years ago). I raised Dottie and her 3 siblings when they...
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