1. elweena

    2 Beautiful Splash Laced Red Wyandotte roosters in PA looking for a loving home

    Looking to rehome 2 (or just 1 if that's your capability) beautiful Splash Laced Red Wyandotte roosters (“Edelweiss” & “Fern")- available free to only a responsible, loving, non-eat, non-cockfight home. ❤ We are located in northeastern Pennsylvania, close to the Poconos. Please consider adding 1...
  2. J

    Salem OR, 2 Rouen Drakes Need Home

    I have two sweet rouen males, 4 months old, that need a home. I ended up with a bad number of males to females, unfortunately. These two have only ever known each other and are pretty bonded. It's heartbreaking to part with them and I really want to make sure they'll go to a good home. I'm...
  3. 1234chicken4321

    Adding new chick to mums of four?

    After my two broody hens (they're co-parenting) left the coop with their four new chicks I went in to remove the unwanted eggs....but one started cheeping. The chick has hatched in the incubator now, I would guess its 2 days behind the others. Its still wobbly on its feet so I was going to wait...
  4. My Pretty Pekins

    How to compromise over pets?

    Hello, I've finally got permission to buy rabbits. My parents, however, have different ideas to what I do. I want to adopt; they want me to become a breeder 'to make some money back'. I want to abide by the RWAF recommendations of 60 square feet for the trio of neutered females I am interested...
  5. Rainkore

    Where can I get pigeons?

    Just wondering where to adopt pigeons. I know about but the layout of it confuses me. Reviews, thoughts, pictures?
  6. D

    (Los Angeles, California) In need of help, a bunch of chickens in need of rehoming

    Sorry if this post is done improperly, I'm just in need to rehome a bunch of chickens and I don't know how. Hopefully this place could either give me advise or considering to adopt some of these chickens. I have 6 beautiful chickens (4 Roosters, 2 hens {have started laying eggs}) that are 6...
  7. W

    Last resort for my beautiful boy.

    So, we ended up we a roo from a straight run, surprise surprise. A beautiful Lavender Orpington, who at six months old, crows incessantly. We tried a "no crow" collar, no luck. I don't want to do this, but I need to find him, and his bonded Olive Egger friend, (I think it would be detrimental to...
  8. J

    Help ducks for adoption in the Chicago area.

    We got ducks a while ago and. We just cant deal with the upkeep on their part my mom is making me get rid of them if anybody in the Chicago area is interested please let me knkw i want them to have a good home please. We have a male pekin duck and a female ruen duck.
  9. J


    We got ducks a while ago and. We just cant deal with the upkeep on their part my mom is making me get rid of them if anybody in the Chicago area is interested please let me knkw i want them to have a good home please. We have a male pekin duck and a female ruen duck.
  10. S

    Intro chicks to surrogate

    any and all tips welcome as I prepare to put 2 day old chicks under hen who has been solid broody for 2 weeks. I know ... night time, stealth mode, no light, no noise. I have heard to wipe chicks with damp sponge... and to watch mama to be sure she doesn’t kill babes. What about my human scent...
  11. S

    Ready to sneak chic under broody

    ok. 2 questions. Hen has been broody since beginning of month. Got 8 day old chics to put under her tonight. She is nesting on 2nd level of boxes and sits in front of her box and is very alert even at night. I have my old coop available with 2 nest boxes I can access from hinged lid. I think...
  12. G

    HELP!!! Advice needed! Two ducklings in Phx, Arizona

    Okay so we are in serious need of some advice. Here's the story: my husband and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. We were on a walk around the manmade lakes in our neighborhood (they are surrounded by houses and a main road, very very suburban area with all kinds of groups and breeds of ducks) and we...
  13. L1015

    Battery Hens near Cincinnati

    Hi there, I am wondering if there are any local rescues/farms that adopt out rescued battery caged hens? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  14. aprilmaybe

    How do I get a hen to adopt chicks?

    A little background... I have 6 full grown hens that I raised from chicks, but they have never had their own chicks. I purchased some babies from the hardware store and they are doing fine in their little hutch but I was wondering if it would be possible to get one of the hens to adopt the...
  15. G

    Advice for dopting swans cheaply

    Carrollton, GA 30117 I cared for a widowed male mute swan years ago, and have wanted them ever since. Now I live on a 55 acre private lake, and built a floating island for waterfowl. I love watching our Muscovy, but crave the bigger birds. Yet I can’t afford to buy a pair. Does anyone have any...
  16. emmagat

    3 EE Roosters for adoption in eastern MA

    Hello everyone! I have 3 Easter Egger roosters for adoption for free. I got them when they were chicks, but sadly they’ve turned aggressive to the other roos in my flock and even towards the hens (I think it’s because there’s not enough hens for each rooster, but the other roosters I have...
  17. A

    Rehoming German-Pit Dog

    Cookie is a 5 year old pitbull-German shepherd mix. She is black and white with subtle tan colors. She has the sweetest eyes and super friendly. Extremely active and full of energy, she would be the perfect fit for you if you have a big fenced in yard and looking for a forever companion to play...
  18. Stargazer04

    Should i get a snake?

    Im a big cat person who also loves her fish and chickens and im thinking about getting a snake, but i dont want it to hurt any other aniamls i have, any ideas?
  19. Familyfarm47

    Broody setting day 16 and chicks in mail too!

    i have a broody who "happened" to start setting a couple of weeks before I have some new chicks scheduled to arrive. But they will be about +/- 4 days off of coinciding exactly perfectly. Should I take her eggs from her when baby chicks arrive and sneak them in, then try to add her own babies in...
  20. Bantam1992

    Replacing Eggs with Chicks

    I joined this forum to identify my lavender pekins but since I’ve found so much helpful advice and I wanted to post an update. Here’s my little story of how we got our girls to take to some new chicks- Last time I posted my girls were on adopted eggs (as we don’t have a cock)...
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