1. orloffer

    Best way to trim quail toenails & beaks? Share your advice & stories!

    The coturnix quail toenail/beak trimming today did not go so well. They develop these hard balls of debris/poop on their toes, and their feet are so delicate that completely removing these balls isn't really realistic, at least with the tools I have. The quicks in their nails were longer than...
  2. TopazMaster91

    Need fast advice- Eye Injury, cause unknown

    Our Japanese Bantam rooster has an eye injury of some sort, I didn't see it happen so I don't know how it happened, but my best guess is a badly aimed peck from a hen that didn't want any action; Today I noticed his left eye is swollen and he keeps it shut, won't open it, and he is a lot less...
  3. S

    New member, could use some pointers on types of chickens for my area! (Delaware)

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I'm a complete Chicken Virgin; I have some close friends that raised chickens for many years and I've had an interest in it - my area never allowed them before unfortunately - HOWEVER I'm currently in the midst of moving into a new...
  4. Zen Wildlife Rescuer

    Kiera’s Hollow Wildlife Rescue

    Hi there! I am soo glad that I have finally joined BYC. I have used valuable information off of BYC for over 3 years for my wildlife rescue center in South Africa. I take in wild bird’s eggs all the time and need advice on homemade incubators and hatching eggs every now and again. I also want to...
  5. Joylime322

    Magicfly Incubator...

    I am considering purchasing the Magicfly Incubator... Does anyone have any major issues/yays with the product?
  6. Joylime322

    Has anyone ever bought from sweet_tweets_quail on Ebay?

    Has anyone ever bought from sweet_tweets_quail on Ebay? Is that a reliable buyer? They seem to have alot of eggs so I am assuming someone on this forum must have bought from them before.... any thoughts anyone?!
  7. Joylime322

    So quails...

    Dear Community, I am going to be hatching my first quails pretty soon. What advice would you give? Is there any special sensitivities they have that I should be aware of? What is something you enjoy the most about quails! And what is something that you would rather not deal with? Also, I am...
  8. C

    Khaki Campbell sexes?

    We took in two ducklings - I’m thinking Khaki Campbell’s or a mix of. They’re about 10 weeks now and we’re having a heck of a time sexing. Color wise they should both be girls. One is quacking (right), one is still peeping (left.) Thoughts? See my handiquack is in the background photobombing😊
  9. J

    Cracked egg, help

    So here’s my story, I was checking on my chickens and the broody ones hoping for the chicks to have been hatched and I open up the door and the chicken freaks out the two eggs fall out, both cracked. One wasn’t fertile while the other was. The fertile one has a hole in it as big as fingernail...
  10. T

    Aircell problem duck egg

    Hi has any1 had success hatching a duck egg with an aircell this bad? It literally covers more than half the egg all down 1 side and bottom xxIt's been like this from the start a was gona jus bin it but ended up putting it in incubator to see, Day 23 and moving and growing, seen the egg rolling...
  11. A

    Raising Peafowl for the first time - transitioning to outside pen.

    Hi, We have two white Peahens and one white Peacock. The Peahens started laying last year however didn't sit on their eggs once they'd laid the whole clutch. This again happened this year so I took it upon myself to incubate some of the eggs. After 27 days (early) we had two beautiful...
  12. S

    Help? Bald chest?

    Hiya! I have 4 boy coturnix quails, they grew up together but have to live alone due to either attempts at mating or aggression. I'm not sure which one!! I have one bird in particular, called Arnie. He's especially friendly and loves any kind of human attention, but I have a problem. He's bald...
  13. 1234chicken4321

    Pullet or cockerel?

    2 months old, it's still early but I'm leaning towards pullet...that might just be the wishful thinking though! Its a bit of a mix breed (dad is a pure wyandotte, mums a mix).
  14. M

    One duck picking on other two.

    I have 3 "females" ducklings (sexed from the hatchery) that are around 5-6 weeks old. A few days ago we noticed the Rouen picking on the buff and I had to pull 2 broken blood feathers. I have separated them completely, and outside (we keep them outside during the day now) we have a board...
  15. raccoonroom

    Duckling Advice Needed! (Imprinting/poop)

    Hi there! I'm new to the forum and new to ducks. So duck veterans, feel free to weigh in! I recently raised a trio of Runner hybrids from ducklings until they moved to my sister in law's property when they were about seven weeks old. I really missed having ducks so I hatched a trio Welsh...
  16. 1234chicken4321

    Reintroducing ill chicken

    Hi, I've had an ill chick which I've kept separate (with its mum) for over a month. The vet said (over the phone) I can now let it back out with the others and stop giving it the antibiotics. Its been a couple of days and it seems fine off the medicine, but its still got a sneeze. The mother...
  17. Maddiejayne

    Fowl pox

    My 1 year old roo has fowl pox- I’m almost certain of it. Started off with a cyst on his eye along with multiple bumps on his comb and waddles. He separated most of the time for breeding purposes. After a week of noticing it, it’s now covered all of his head skin. Is there anything I can do...
  18. L

    My bantam chicken wing - help or advice needed

    Can anyone tell me why my chickens wing goes strange like this? it keeps sticking out and not laying down with the rest of her feathers
  19. Spatacuulous

    New Flock Adoption = No Eggs

    We recently dove back into the Chicken life. A friend told us about 4 rescue Reds that needed help, so I purchased a coop and attached run - and they have fenced free range as well. They have great food, clean water every day, treats, shade - nesting boxes etc - all the right stuff. The first...
  20. 1234chicken4321

    Food to help growth?

    Hi, these chicks are the same age (they're 4 weeks). Sadly they became ill (why they're indoors) and so their growth has been effected plus some of their siblings died. Fingers crossed these guys will make it through (still showing symptoms), but what can I give the smaller left chick to help it...
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