1. Thechickentrainer1999

    What food to buy?

    Does anyone have any idea what food would be best to feed hens to extend their life? I don't care as much about getting eggs as I do for them simply being pets. I of course want them to be healthy, however I learned about Matilda the chicken that lived to be 16 years old, and based on all the...
  2. paradisepentacoop

    Pasty Butt - Bloody (?) Vent?

    Hey all, I got a mix of chicks from a local hatchery (Australorps, Silver Sebrights, Golden Sebrights) on Tuesday. Checking my little flock this morning I noticed a Golden had what appeared to be pasty butt, so I checked a bunch of resources on this site and "My Pet Chicken" on how to treat. I...
  3. paradisepentacoop

    In the Mail! Home Tomorrow!

    Hey all! I am so excited to announce and prep for our babies that are going to be here tomorrow (Tuesday Feb 20) afternoon! Three golden Sebright, two silver Sebright, and two lady Australorp chicks from a hatchery on Oahu, being direct shipped to Hilo. I have a medium dog crate with a trash bag...
  4. Aprilxoxo

    Dosage for chickens with vetafarm triple c

    Ive been perscribed antibiotics from a vet for a sick quail. Its fixed my bird right up but it cost me a bloody fortune and i was even angrier when i found out it was stuff i can buy from the pet shop (Vetafarm triple c) Ingredients: Chlortetracycline Hydrochloride 100mg/g Recently one of my...
  5. biscotti

    Runner Duck's sunken chest? Fighting?

    This morning I noticed my one boy Runner's chest was looking different than normally and more obviously concave at the top. I'm still so new to owning ducks or birds in general, so sorry if this is a bit of a silly question. I kept an eye on him and he's eating and acting normal, but is the way...
  6. D

    Rooster help

    I have 7 chickens (6 hens and 1 rooster), Richard the naked necked rooster has always been super docile and never given me any issues or tried to harm any of the hens. I just got a female pekin from a bad home and when I went to introduce them he just started attacking her with his beak and...
  7. M

    Another duck after partner duck passes

    A few years ago, we got a pair of ducks. One suddenly passed today, and we're not sure why/how. Our remaining duck is very much grieving, and it's absolutely heartbreaking. I would like to get her another duck friend to assist with her loneliness, but because we don't know how our duck died...
  8. B

    Unwell quail - please help :)

    My female quail has recently become very unwell. She hasn’t laid an egg in a while. Recently started not eating as much and has lost weight. Her crop also seems to be full and she drinking a lot. Her poo isn’t normal. I am unsure how to help her recover fully. Would love any advice please :)
  9. ColonelMustard

    Help! Vent gleet or something else? (Pic attached)

    Looks darker than the pictures I’ve seen of discharge from vent gleet. Noticed she was separated from the flock and had no energy to eat. She seemed very disoriented and had trouble standing for a moment when I put her back down. She is currently separated in a dog crate with food and water.
  10. M

    Leg bands on fluffy feet

    I have a pair of chocolate Maran pullets which look almost identical, I’d like to give them leg bands to tell them apart more easily but being Marans, they have lightly feathered legs. Does anyone know of a type of ring that would be suitable for feathered legs or some other alternative?
  11. S

    Advice for pipping quail, day 22...

    I have a clutch of 15 eggs, all viable as of day 14. It's now day 22 for my quail and yesterday we had 5 start pipping. The humidity has been between 50-70% since day 14 and heat at 99.5. Is it true it can take 12-24 hours for quail to "unzip"? Any other advice for a first-time hatcher too...
  12. xKaitlin

    INJURED DUCK! Please help!!

    So almost a week ago, a fox attacked my 7 ducks and I thought i came out as it was just started since noone seemed to be badly injured. Although by the morning they were all silent and most of them limping. In the daylight i saw two of my babies had some sort of injuries that made them unable to...
  13. ElfenLied89

    Trying out hatching shipped

    I have an incubator I bought off of eBay which is pretty neat for how much it costs. It heats up, turns automatically, and has a candler light. Even has a water mister bottle, and a way to humidify the incubator. Picture of incubator is below. It has an external water control bottle. I don't...
  14. M

    Hello from another newbie!

    Hi everyone, hope it's a great day for you all! Here's a little introduction. We adopted a hen from a neighbor a few months ago, and she had a hatch out in the grass, we caught her and all 9 chicks and put them in a coop to protect them from cats and mongeese, one disappeared early but the other...
  15. ColonelMustard

    Yellow chalky discharge around vent

    Details: Several weeks ago I brought home three adult hens, two Blue Andalusians and a Plymouth Rock. They are all around 1.5 years old and molting. The Plymouth Rock has only layed one egg so far, I assumed this is because she had bumbles on both feet and has been recovering since I removed...
  16. M

    5 day old chicks sleeping away from heat plate

    My chicks are 5 days old today. Yesterday, I noticed a couple sleeping away from the heat plate but would eventually go in and out. Today when checking in on them on the camera I noticed they started sleeping on the opposite side of the brooder away from the heat plate in a big pile on top of...
  17. V

    My chickens were attacked

    Hey everyone, A hawk attack my flock and unfortunately one of them died. They were all in shock around my farm, specially my rooster. Now they are back in the coop and after 4 days of the attack they do not want to leave the coop. They get out when I go there to give them treats but...
  18. Chickenmother26

    Fluid coming from nose, gasping, smelly poop, lethargic, increased water consumption hen

    Hello! I got a 12 week old hen off of Facebook (I know, not the best idea 😭) and she seems sick. We’ve had her for 11 days now. We noticed bloody diarrhea the second day, which we treated for coccidiosis using CORID for 5 days, and now she’s on the preventative dose. She immediately had more...
  19. sillybillyhappygirl

    Can I travel with my pet pigeon?

    I don't have a pigeon yet but I likely will in the near future, so I'm just thinking ahead. I don't go out of town very often, but every now and then my family and I will take a trip to visit a relative or something. Sometimes it's just a day trip, but sometimes it's a couple of days, or on...
  20. Flutterbudget

    Is this water belly or is my Pekin just fat?

    Hi all! This is Missy and she’s around 2 years old. She seems to have almost gotten as big as her male! I’ve held her up and palpated her stomach it doesn’t feel tight or overly bloated at all it’s just nice and soft, I cannot feel an egg. I was just wondering if anyone thinks it’s just a fat...
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