1. K

    How do you offer oyster shells to quail?

    We have 11 coturnix quails that all live together: 2 boys, the rest females. The 2 boys and 1 girl are our first quails and could be 4-5 months old. We got 8 more after who might be 14 weeks old. My parents feed them Purina 30% Protein Starter Gamebird and Turkey Feed and don't want to buy...
  2. C

    Submissive rooster

    Hi guys! I need help. I have eight chickens that were four months old when we got a rooster that was three months old. He is a silver laced Orpington and is double their size. Their breeds are black sex linked, red sex linked and blue azure. They have been bullying HIM for almost two months now...
  3. B

    Wry neck?? Inner ear infection?? PLEASE HELP!

    Hi, so I have a 14 week old isa brown that started presenting with wry neck almost two weeks ago, seemingly out of nowhere. This pic was taken when I initially found her with her head on the ground upside down. She seemed to shake her head a lot and would twist her neck completely anytime she...
  4. My Bagurks

    Tuscaloosa County Chicken Tenders

    Hello This thread is to bring any Tuscaloosa area people together. Local discussions, trading, rehoming, or anything that can help each other out. ive only been keeping chickens for about a year, but I’ve learned a lot and met a lot of great people that deal with chickens. I don’t see much from...
  5. L

    Chick hatched late and is having trouble fitting in with the other chicks

    Most of my chicks hatched on day 20 but one hatched on day 23, now that the chick has dried mostly it sits at the window of the incubator crying for attention and i mean CRYING😭 I feel so bad for it but it just isnt quite strong enough to take on six curious and somewhat mean chicks, these...
  6. Flutterbudget

    Is my duckling blind?

    Hi all, this is my second lot of ducks, four the second time round too. However this particular duckling seems to have some visibility issues in my opinion. When I let them out of their housing, the others come out quick as a flash and the little baby in question is so delayed in comparison to...
  7. Ashley4

    Change roosters

    I have read that you can still incubate your chicken's egg 30 days after no rooster. I am not sure if that is true or not, but my question is, if I change my rooster, how long do I toss eggs until I get the breed I want? Maybe not toss eggs....but you get what I mean.
  8. S

    Help! Need advice!

    This is my first time using an incubator. Out of 8 eggs I’ve ended up with two that are developed. They weren’t due to hatch until tomorrow and locked the incubator down yesterday afternoon. I’ve had both eggs start to pip at 8pm last night. One has hatched over night. I’ve kept the humidity up...
  9. D

    My new chicken has bald spots… I’m new!

    Hello all! I got two chickens today from a place off of the road in a rural town. The chickens there seemed to have a large pen and it was not over crowded. I got handed two chickens- one with a full set of feathers and another with some bald spots of raw red skin ://. It was pouring so in the...
  10. ChickenWhisperer101

    Nemo and Friends aquarium in Houston Tx?!?

    Hi y’all! There is this fish store called Nemo and friends in Houston tx and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this store. It’s quite a long drive from me, so I was wondering if it’s worth the drive. I’m specifically looking for rams. Thanks for any help or fish store...
  11. bubblez89

    Sex change!??

    We have 3 little bantams hens in our small flock Hetty (golden Sebright 3.5 years old), Nugget (old english game bantam 3.5 years old) and Popcorn (silver Sebright 2.5 years old). Our hens are super friendly, love cuddles and squat for us and the pet dogs lol. We never hatched them for great egg...
  12. CubbieFan88

    Indoor Chick Brooder

    In September we have 15 baby chicks coming in from Meyer's Hatchery. We aren't first time chicken owners, but a few months ago our neighbor's 4 dogs squeezed through our fence in the very wee hours of morning & slaughtered our entire flock (much to my daughters and my heartbreak). SO! Now we are...
  13. LordKreiger

    Hello! - Sebrights & Jersey Giant Roosters

    Hello! I'm very new here so I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong area 😭 We recently got some chicks a couple months back from Tractor Supply and it turns out we may have two Sebright roosters (100% positive) & one Jersey Giant rooster (not 100% on this). We have been trying to re-home our lil...
  14. B

    Hen has abscess(?) on side under wing

    Hello, We we were checking in on our hens yesterday, and noticed this gash/abscess/sore on our lovely lady. There was never any evidence of blood, so I suspect it comes from the inside out but am not entirely sure how to proceed. She does not appear to be in any pain and is exhibiting no other...
  15. R

    HELP!!! I’m freaking out! I think I over helped 😩

    So I have 4 duck eggs! They have all internally pipped! After 12 hours of no external pips I made little air holes..I thought I saw the one getting shrink wrapped and so I tryed to help remove shell in the air sac area and now I’m just freaking out..
  16. Chickenwithnobrim

    Deformed overgrown beak

    I have a rescue chicken who's got no top beak, and the other one is overgrown and crooked. She hates being held down, hates her head being touched, and the combo makes it worse. Is there any suggestions to make it easier, how much I should try to correct her beak. Thanks I know this is a strange...
  17. Jlmiller5289

    Abandoned wild duckling

    My neighbor found this little one in their yard and since they know I have ducks, they brought it to me 🥺 My own ducks are currently 9 weeks old and I’m keeping them separate from this one. I have a female Rouen and a male Chocolate Runner. I’m not sure on age, guessing around a day old...
  18. Malseggs

    Help me please!

    Hi guys. I need some advice please. A friend had gave me bird eggs they found earlier. We don’t know how far along they are. I did the float test on both of them. One of them sinks. However, when I did the candle light method on it, I saw veins. It appears to still have a yoke inside so maybe...
  19. katelyn19

    Call duck colors

    I just bought my first call ducklings and I know all of the colors except these 2. One is all yellow with one spot on its head and the other one is yellow with a sort of dusty looking color on him. Any advice would be great 😊
  20. Crazy Duck Lover

    Tips for taking ducklings to school

    Hey y’all! I know y’all have probably seen a million threads posted by me by now but any little think worries me about my ducklings! I was asked by one of our Ag Teachers at our middle school in my town if I could bring a couple of my ducklings up to the school for the day. 7:00am to 3:15pm. I...
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