1. faithyea4

    Lavender ameraucana and silkie hybrid chicks. Can the sex be determined through wing sexing? Help!

    Hi all, I have two recently hatched (just a day old) chicks that I’m wondering can be sexed. There is a lavender ameraucana and another one crossed with a silkie. From what my knowledge is, I’d assume we have a hen and a roo- but I’m not very sure. May anyone help? Thanks!
  2. CassNelson

    Meet the flock + need your help on roo watch!

    Hello all, new chicken mama Cassie here. I ordered 11 pullets from MMH that are now almost a month old, so of course I am now playing the paranoid “pullet or cockerel??” game. I thought I’d introduce the ladies and see if any of you experienced eagle-eyes notice something I hadn’t, especially if...
  3. CrazyCrevecoeur

    Mystery: Turken born with feathered neck?!

    Somehow, and I’m dumbfounded by this, the Turken x Ameraucana mix which hatched has neck feathers?! I may be mistaken, but for the longest time I’ve known for a fact that the Turken gene in chickens is always dominant, no matter what the cross is? Am I right? I thought that they only needed one...
  4. CrazyCrevecoeur

    Crested Chickens in Breeding

    Hello. Just wondering if anyone knew about genetics and breeding say, an Ameraucana rooster with a Crevecoeur hen, and if it would result in crested offspring? No way to tell for sure if the eggs are definitely a Crevecoeur or just an Andalusian or leghorn, but best guess says two in the...
  5. C

    Partridge Chantecler or Ameraucana?

    Hi I am new here from southern Ontario! I am building a A frame chicken tractor with built in coop. Looking to buy Partridge Chanteclers and/or Ameraucana’s. Pro’s and con’s? Gets into the low 30’s C in the summer but as low as -20 C in the winter
  6. S

    Formula for Champions

    So I have a questions for breeders. We just had our NPIP test done and my tester happened to breed and show Ameraucanas. We are rather new to the breed but I have a breeder pen currently that I'm working with. She told me that they require more protein in their diet compared to your general run...
  7. N

    Anyone want to take a guess as to what this Ameraucana is crossed with?

    My Ameraucana lays light brown eggs with tiny white spots (pictured) and has these two single distinctive feathers on either side of her tail which I've never seen before. The bottoms of her feet are yellow and she so has a few darker feathers. She's also slightly aggressive towards people and...
  8. G

    2 Roosters in Granville, OH

    I have 2 Ameraucana-mixes (I'm not sure what the mother/s was/were as there were several different breeds in the flock) that I'm looking to re-home. They hatched 6/21/2021 and were hand raised, so they have been as decent as a rooster can be with people so far. They are really beautiful birds...
  9. F

    Frostbite, vent gleet, curly toes, and molt

    So some backstory. My blue wheaten ameraucana chickens name is Gimble. Gimble has curly toe paralysis. We live in Northern BC. It's actually been super mild so far, with temps right at freezing. So my girls have been moulting for a good month and a half while Gimble just started about a week...
  10. M

    Blue Ameraucana pullet or cockerel? 11 wks old

    One of my three blue ameraucanas has a comb coming in that looks a little bit fleshier than the others. Not sure if she might be a he or not - I have heard ameraucanas are tricky to sex at only 11 weeks. In every picture she/he is the one closest to the camera. Any educated guesses? Any advice...
  11. funkeke

    Blue Ameraucana - pullet?

    Pengu is our 7.5 week old (correction: 8.5 week old) Blue Ameraucana. I believe a pullet, but she displays aggressive behavior with our two cockerels more often than the other pullets. I've seen her defend other hens from rooster attention, is this behavior expected from a hen that is higher in...
  12. F

    What breed is it?

    I might buy this chicken and I’m wondering your guesses on what breed it is. It seems to have a pea comb so thinking ameraucana cross or brahma cross. I don’t see a beard but can an Ameraucana cross not have a beard? I’m really hoping it would lay a coloured egg but if it’s leaning more towards...
  13. Winchikn

    Pullets or Cockerels? Key for integration!

    I have five, 8-week olds with momma in a run adjacent to the rest of my flock. Broody hen is DONE with the rowdy teenagers and wants back with the flock... But I fear there is only one pullet in the batch and don't want to leave that one to be integrated on it's own in a couple of weeks. So -...
  14. kurby22

    Ameraucana pullet? 11 weeks

    I feel like I can almost feel okay saying she’s a she…but I’ve never had an Ameraucana or a pea comb breed so I just need confirmation I’m mostly safe thinking she’s a she! I got burned by my first birds and all my favorites were eventual boys so I’m super paranoid haha. I have two, they look...
  15. LCsAChickenLover

    4.5 month blue Ameraucana, Sacramento

    Hi everyone! I’m looking to find a home for this sweet, docile, handsome boy. Great with us, kids and the dogs. He’s still a bit dorky and trips over his feet or off of the side of the deck while trying to impress the ladies.. He enjoys beard scratches, foot/leg rubs and is easily picked up and...
  16. ChickenLeg

    BIG bantam ameraucana egg! Double yolker!

    One of my black bantam ameraucanas laid a big ole double yolker, it was the size of a Grade A Large store bought egg (the white egg is store egg for comparison). It came from either either a 2.5 or 1 year old hen. Couldnt have been fun laying 😬😬😵
  17. froggyphore

    are cackle ameraucanas worth the price?

    i feel mean phrasing it that way lol. but are cackle ameraucanas up to the SOP enough to be worth 20$ a pullet? at that price if they’re “hatchery quality” i feel like i’d rather just buy from a breeder. tyia
  18. HeathenHavenHomestead

    EE or Ameruacana??

    I bought these hens as Ameraucana but apparently they can be mislabeled and actually EEs? I’m sorry these photos are terrible they are super flighty. I guess I can always wait to see what they lay but didn’t know if it’s possible to tell at this age. The one with the Carmel/black chicken is a...
  19. O

    Heritage chickens in Nova Scotia / New Brunswick (Ameraucanas)?

    Hi all, I’m here in beautiful Nova Scotia and am trying to track down some Ameraucana pullets. Does anyone know of any breeders in the province who might have some available? New Brunswick is also an option. Thanks!
  20. HuevosGonzos

    Six weekers 😍

    Updated photos of our chicks! After a few questions on breeds, I think we nailed it…maybe. Now we are (not so patiently) waiting to find out genders. Speckled Sussex BW Crested Polish Black Australorp Barred Cochin Appenzeller Spitzhauben White Ameraucana (because the legs are gray)
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