1. V

    Any ideas on the cross?

    These girls were sold to me as brown red Ameraucanas but they obviously aren’t. 2/5 have beards and muffs, one is an obviously lighter colour than the rest. Any ideas? They definitely have lots of Americauna in thrm and her whole flock lays blue eggs but some looked suspiciously green to me as...
  2. B

    Ameraucana has bald spots on face and is shaking head

    We have nine hens in a fully enclosed coop and run. One of our Ameraucanas has recently gotten bald spots around her face and on her head. She seems to be shaking her head sometimes, too (I'm not sure if she's doing that more than usual or if I'm just paying closer attention). I picked her up...
  3. JesWith3

    Ameraucana (?) Breed question and Pullet or Roo?

    I have two Ameraucanas in my flock (I THINK). The topic still confuses me, because I've learned that just because a chicken has parents that are both Ameraucanas, if they don't meet a certain color requirement, they might not TECHNICALLY be Ameraucanas, but instead be simply classified as an...
  4. JesWith3

    What color would the hens likely lay?

    Hello, all! My Starlight Green Eggers started laying for me on Christmas!! Now, my Ameraucana roo just reached sexual maturity and has begun mounting my SGEs! I do want to keep 4 more hens in my flock and I'd like them to be colorful egg layers, so, my questions are as follows: 1.) Is it too...
  5. Kcarb25

    New here!

    Hi all! I currently have 7 chickens in total, Cochin rooster, Rhode Island Red rooster + his mate, and the 4 others I think might be a silkie/EE mix? Or Maran/Silkie mix? Not too sure and would love to know your guesses? Also if you all agree that I think I might have 2 roosters out of the cross...
  6. M

    What colour morph is this hen?

    What colour morph is this Ameraucana? This precious girl was a hatchery rescue. She suddenly passed away recently and we realized that we never figured out what “colour” she was. Any idea what she’d be called?
  7. S

    Isabel Ameraucana hen x wheaten Ameraucana rooster = Isabel chicks?

    Hi! I have a beautiful Isabel Ameraucana hen and just wondering if I purchase a wheaten Ameraucana rooster, what percentage of chicks will be Isabel? Thank-you!
  8. L

    Ermine Ameraucana Questions

    I hope this is the right place for this! I bought 4 “Ermine” chicks from a breeder & have already reached out to her regarding this question but I was confused with the answer. They came from a Dom White Roo & Ermine hen. 3 of the chicks are pure white and 1 is ermine. I was told that the...
  9. E

    Do I have a rooster!?

    Hello everyone! My husband and I are raising our first flock of backyard chickens. We have Rhode Island reds, barred rocks, and ameraucanas (yes, I know they are actually Easter eggers since we got them from a hatchery). We ordered all pullets but decided we wanted to free range, so we are...
  10. JesWith3

    Ameraucana Breeding Conundrum. Input?

    I would like to breed Ameraucanas (not Easter Eggers, not Americanas), but I have recently read that the offspring resulting from an Ameraucana of one color bred to an Ameraucana of a different color will not be a true Ameraucana, but instead an Easter Egger. Why? How? If that is the case, even...
  11. S

    'Americana' Fun Gender Guessing

    Recently got some straight run chicks from TS labeled 'Americana.' Though it would be fun to post pictures and guess what they might turn out as. Here are pictures at 3 days old and 4 weeks (sorry they didn't want to stand still for these). I'll update every few weeks. Figured this might help...
  12. BlueHorse17

    3 Week Chicks: Favorelle, Ameraucana, Barred Rock, etc - San Jose, CA

    Three week old chicks: 🐣 1 White Leghorn cockerel 🐣 1 Porcelain D’uccle cockerel 🐣 1 Millie Fleur D’uccle cockerel - no longer available 🐣 1 Golden Sebright pullet 🐣 7 Barred Rock pullets 🐣 10 Ameraucana pullets 🐣 4 Buff Orpington pullets - pending 🐣 2 Red Sex Link pullets 🐣 4 Salmon...
  13. lillydragon19

    EE/Ameraucana 12 weeks old - I think no roo?

    Okay. So all my “girls” are 12 weeks old now and I think we don’t have a roo. The biggest girl who’s definitely top of the order has been my main concern but at this point, her comb isn’t redder than any of the other ones and they all seem to be rocking similar feather patters. I don’t have...
  14. WhistlePig

    What in the world is this? You never know what you're going to get at RK!

    I went to Rural King here in Central KY and picked up some chicks, only to find that they were not what I thought I was getting. Does this sound familiar? I need help identifyng all 4 of these babies. I'm actually somewhat pleased as these look so interesting. These first 2 pics are from the...
  15. Aleelupton

    Welsummer, BBS Ameraucana, OE, Serama, Assorted, & Micro Serama Hatching Eggs Available

    Hi friends! We have the following breeds available for shipment weekly: •Welsummer •BBS Ameraucana •1st Generation Olive Egger (Welsummer Roo × BBS & Lavender Ameraucana hens) •Serama •Assorted mix (will include Welsummer × various breeds and pure breeds) •Micro Serama We offer half and full...
  16. Mbh236

    Newly Aggressive Hen

    I have 4 hens in an enclosure that they’ve been in for almost 2 years and out of no where my smallest Ameraucana hen (who is at the lowest pecking order) has just started attacking my brown leg horn hen, holding her down, pecking her head, and drawing blood. It’s been a few days and she hasn’t...
  17. E

    Ameraucana, EE, Cream Legbar, which one?

    I hatched out 4 eggs. they were from a 1, blue Ameraucana over blue and white Ameraucanas and a cream legbar, and from 2, an Easter Egger pen. am I correct here? brown is a legbar cross, black is an Ameraucana, and the two lighter babes are Easter Eggers? eggs weren't labeled.
  18. Chickenwithnobrim

    Weekly growth ameraucana chicks

    Hi! This is my first time raising chicks and i bought 3 ameraucanas; one blue, one black, one splash. Im starting this thread on week 2 but im excited to see how they turn out and would love some guesses on gender and future coloring. So far i think the splash and black are boys, and the blue a...
  19. E

    Ameraucana color possibilities??

    so I'm getting a flock from someone local. roosters: silver and wheaten hens: silver, black, and blue wheaten what colors could I possibly get if I put the silver roo in with the hens vs if I used the wheaten?
  20. E

    silkied Ameraucanas???

    I JUST learned they exist... and they're purebred! Silkies & Ameraucanas are my "specialty" breeds. tell me more? where they're found? how the heck anyone figured out how to silk an Ameraucana without using a Silkie???!
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